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9 Creative Ways To Include Chatbots Into Your Daily Life

The lengths to which chatbots prove useful in our daily lives are incomprehensible. From ordering a snack to scheduling tweets, business meetings, chatbots have become an integral part of day-to-day lives. Your everyday companion Alexa and Siri are also advanced-level chatbots. When you register a complaint on Zomato, you speak to a chatbot first. Depending on your response, the chatbot generates a response. Likewise, you will always see a chatbot tool lingering around when visiting your online banking. Some of us even use it to find quick solutions without waiting for a representative. However, not many of us are fully aware of their capabilities and find it difficult to use them daily. 

Once you understand how easy and interesting these chatbots can make your life, you will be able to use them smartly. For now, you need not juggle your brain-wires to determine creative ways to include chatbots in your daily lives. We have got that covered for you, and the coming sections will highlight interesting ideas for the everyday use of chatbots.

#1: Travel

chatbots into your life

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There are numerous chatbots available that can assist you with your travel-related requirements. From finding the best flight deal to booking a hotel within your budget, a chatbot can do numerous such tasks for you. 

Chatbots are designed to help users with their searches and make bookings on their behalf. The best part is that you can integrate this chatbot with Skype, Facebook, or even Slack. 

Other chatbots like HelloGBye perform similar functions and allow you to insert data in audio, image, and text format. If you are feeling lazy to type, simply talk to this virtual assistant and explain your travel requirement in detail. The bot matches relevant deals within 30 seconds based on your data input

Other travel-related chatbots that you can use to make your life easier are Mezi, Snap Travel, and Pana. Make use of these chatbots to make your travel bookings smoother and easier.

# 2: Scheduling a Cab Pick up

Scheduling a Cab Pick up

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Using apps to book cabs for commuting has become quite common. But what happens when you have multiple arrangements to make and travel to various locations? You can simply use a chatbot to deal with it. 

Even popular apps like Uber have chatbots that help schedule your bookings at a later date or time. This feature has already been rolled out and is paving the way to mark its presence in many cities. 

The WhatsApp feature allows users to schedule bookings by messaging Uber’s business line or scanning QR. One can also choose the booking by opening the link on WhatsApp chat. 

# 3: Getting Tailormade Notifications About Latest News, Events or Listen to Jokes

Even when you don’t want to do something specific with chatbots, they can still make your life interesting. Using chatbots like TechCrunch allows you to enjoy the content of your choice. You can tailor-make the entire settings in this chatbot. For example, you can choose the number of daily notifications, type of content, etc. The bot then delivers the content tailored to your specifications. 

Alternatively, you can use fun chatbots such as Hector. It can tell you jokes and even play hangman with you. If you want to stay updated with real news from around the globe, try using the CNN chatbot or Wall Street Journal. You will need to use Facebook to get access to these chatbots. 

With such chatbots by your side every day, no moment would seem boring. 

# 4: Learn About the Weather at a Specific Location

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Numerous chatbots display local weather conditions. You can choose the location within these bots and check the weather at the desired location. Several chatbots even inform the forecast for the next day. You can use these chatbots to get regular weather updates while traveling to a new city or country. 

Some bots have features that allow you to get reminders regularly at your chosen time. Such chatbots will come in handy if you live in uncertain weather conditions.

# 5: Order Food and Groceries or Get Dinner Ideas

Ordering your daily necessities such as groceries has become a lot easier. Numerous chatbots allow you to place orders via voice notes or text commands. With such bots, you can place an order even while driving in your car and find the food delivered before you reach home.

If you are in a mood to relish a pizza, then use Domino’s chatbot that allows you to build your pizza and place your order. You can also check the status of your order with this bot. Even using Facebook messenger to track orders is an option with Dominos chatbot. 

Another interesting chatbot that you can use in your daily life is Whole Foods. Its Facebook Messenger chatbot offers recipes and cooking inspiration. Once you select from its filters, it narrows down the list of options from various cuisines and directs you to its company website for details. 

Whether ordering food or getting inspired to cook something delicious, these chatbots would surely make your life joyful.

# 6: Organize Business Meetings

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The pandemic has made professional life pretty complicated. Remote work from home jobs is not as easy as they appear. Many of us find it difficult to keep up with increasing pressure. 

Scheduling meetings and being there on time are common work requirements for most days. It is common to forget to set up meetings and so you can use a helping chatbot hand to make your life easier. Even if you use an additional solution for planning such as the SharePoint calendar, chatbots can still come in handy to make your meetings more organized.

Meekan is a great example of a chatbot that takes care of hosting meetings . You only have to request a new meeting and the chatbot would check everyone’s schedule on slack and advise the best time. 

Other popular choices for scheduling meetings are Messagely, TARS, and’s Amy. Similarly, a time tracker helps to manage teams remotely and track their time. You can use these chatbots to help you create a balance in your work and personal life. 

Businesses have also shown great interest in AI-based chatbots and software that help them in increasing their productivity and profitability. For instance, a phone validator app helps to improve productivity by checking the validity, line type, network carrier, location, etc. of the line. 

Let these chatbots take the entire burden of scheduling and organizing meetings while you focus on other vital errands.

# 7: Develop a Healthy Workout Routine

The past two years have taken a toll on many of us. In the efforts to manage our personal and professional life, we often forget the most important thing, i.e., our health. The good news is various bots can take care of that too. If you find it difficult to develop a proper workout routine, let chatbots do it.

From meditation to extensive workout sessions, chatbots can help you organize everything. You can use the AI-based MeditateBot to create a regular meditation routine. Many other chatbots, such as WotNot, can even assist with setting up intense workout sessions to keep you fit. They deliver chatbot solutions that are tailor made as per your workout requirement. 

# 8: Sleep Assistance

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There is even a chatbot that keeps you company if you cannot sleep. Insomnobot3000 is a text-based chatbot that talks to you when you send a text to the company’s line. As per the makers, the bot remains most active during night times between 11:00 pm to 5:00 am. 

Another AI-based chatbot called Dr. Snooze by SleepSpace helps focus on various aspects of sleep. This chatbot says powerful sleep-inducing phrases that help you fall asleep faster or longer, reduce insomnia, and get deep sleep.

# 9: Assorted Tasks

You can use chatbots to perform creative tasks, such as schedule TikTok posts or using MemeGenerator Bot to create memes within the Facebook messenger. 

Another chatbot called Mitsuku is an AI-based chatbot that learns more when talking to her. Mitsuku makes use of Office Work Suite downloaded on your desktop.

If you are looking for true love, try using the Foxsy chatbot that promises to find a “beautiful and meaningful connection with the right person.”

The Present and Future of Chatbots

At present, only 15% of the users interact with the chatbots this year. However, the number is likely to escalate quickly in the near future. About 75% of the people expect to get an immediate response from the chatbot.

As per Mantra, The global chatbot market is expected to reach USD$ 1.25B by 2025, and generate roughly $8B savings globally by 2022 itself.

Everyone has adopted chatbots to simplify their business processes, from insurance companies or animation software to banks and government organizations to NGOs. The need for human indulgence is reduced with the advent of AI-based chatbots.

Besides these figures that chatbots offer immediate and 24/7 assistance throughout the year, their popularity is set to rise. Chatbots have proven to be extremely useful in the personal and professional world. 

Final Words

Chatbots have proven to be cost-effective and useful technological development in the human world. While new types of chatbots are developed every day to ease up the lives of people, it is up to us to use them creatively. 

You will find endless possibilities of using chatbots to your best advantage. The above pointers were just the tip of the iceberg. Put your mind to use and find out other creative ways to help you decipher other ways to use chatbots. 


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