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CBD & SEO: Ultimate Guide to CBD Marketing

The CBD marketing or industry is quite competitive right now, with every emerging company trying to stand out from the rest. So, you would not continue using the same tactics as the others if you have dreams of appearing at the top of search engine results. 

So, what else should you be doing? Will it be effective for your company?

Whether you have a new or aged CBD company, the first thing you need to consider is your search engine optimization or SEO strategy. You may have heard it before, but you thought SEO was only for other niches. But that is not entirely true. You will still need SEO to grow your CBD business. 

Now that we have your attention, we will explore why you need SEO for your CBD business and the best practices that can be used. Let us get started. 

Why Your CBD Business Needs SEO

If you doubt why you need SEO, the following reasons might just be the trigger you need to consider for your business. 

  • SEO helps content get indexed and ranked on search engines

Some people think SEO is supposed to drive quick sales to their websites. However, that is not how SEO works. SEO will take quite some time, but it can still accelerate indexing and ranking your website content. 

When the right SEO tactics are used, the website will have better online visibility and thus achieve more high-quality traffic from the search results. 

  • SEO can improve your website domain authority

Also, most of the search results appear based on Domain Authority. Since your website might still be new, your content will not get indexed faster. That is why SEO is necessary to increase the chances of indexing and ranking your content even if the domain authority is still low. 

You will still have to consider updating your website regularly with high-quality content. This content should also be relevant to your field. Do not go for content that has been poorly spun or written. This can hurt your ranking with time. 

  • Organic traffic and search are always better 

People often have cunning ways of getting views to their websites. One of such ways would be buying views from shady companies. Such companies would not even send real people to visit your website. That is not what you want. 

A good SEO strategy is about improving your website’s organic search traffic. Most people want to rank better on top search engines such as Google and Bing. You cannot get the best organic traffic without a proper SEO plan. 

  • SEO can help you find new topics 

Gone are the days you would fill your website content with affiliate links alone. People still want value from the content they are reading, and it should not be as if you just want to sell them something each time they visit the website. 

One of the ways to improve readership would be using SEO to find out what consumers are searching for online. With a good SEO strategy, you can find out the search terms consumers are using and those less served. 

If you can identify search terms that are rarely answered, then you have your new topics for your website or blog. 

  • SEO may improve the buyer’s cycle 

Anyone who is in the CBD industry is looking to make sales. That is why you need SEO to keep on beating the competition. It will not be easy to remain at the top, but if a good SEO strategy is implemented, you can become an industry leader that buyers consider when they want CBD oil products. 

The Best SEO Practices to Use in CBD Marketing

At some point, people would say that SEO was dead and Google was banning websites that were using SEO. That was not the whole story. If you have a unique and best SEO strategy, Google or any other search engine will reward you with the best positions in search results. Here are some of the best SEO practices for CBD marketing. 

  • Finding the relevant keywords

This is probably where most people get it wrong. If you cannot find the right keywords for your industry, then you might find yourself crafting irrelevant content. 

It is advisable to use the various tools that help you analyze CBD-related keywords and understand your competition, search volume, and other important information around the keyword. 

There are several tools available for such work. Some are free, while others are paid. With the right guidance from someone who understands SEO, it can be easier to find the relevant keywords and still use them correctly. The last thing you want is keyword stuffing. This would impact SEO negatively. 

  • Optimizing titles and meta tags

When you search for content in the CBD industry or any other industry, what you see as titles and accompanying descriptions are what will determine if you click on the result or not. So, it is vital to have them optimized to attract the readers to click on the search result and visit your website. 

Keep in mind that Google and other search engines limit the number of words or characters shown in search results. It is why the title and meta description have to be optimized to appear in full and help the reader know more about the post before clicking on the link. 

  • Target local presence to

Remember not all companies seeking SEO are online stores. Some want to create awareness about their local stores in the healthcare industry. As such, local SEO practices are also vital to consider. If you ignore such traffic, you might be missing out on potential sales. 

One way to optimize for local SEO is through claiming the Google My Business listing. You see this as the local stores around you when you search for CBD products. Make sure that you have your business also listed. 

You are also advised to optimize for local keywords too. An example would be optimizing your website for buyers in Los Angeles or Las Vegas. So, it can be a “Las Vegas CBD Company” keyword as your main consideration. 

When the website is properly optimized, you can expect more people to visit your physical store or still order online. 

  • Create the best content

It is easy for some people to get carried away with the type of content they want to create for their CBD website. However, you need to make it high quality and relevant to your field. This is whether you are selling CBD oil for anxiety, pain, or any other condition. 

We encourage you to consider various content formats available to reach a wider audience. An example is that you can do blogs, infographics, ebooks, videos, podcasts, etc. So, even if you own a blog, introduce infographics to ensure your content is better than your competitors. 

  • Social media shares

Whenever you post a blog, you hope that it will get the best traffic, engagement, likes, reactions, and so much more. So, how would people know about your content if you cannot share it on social media?

Any good SEO strategy will recommend engaging your audience even on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so much more. This also helps your followers know there is new content on the website they need to check out. 

Social media is also seen as the best way to build backlinks, brand loyalty and improve your brand awareness. 

  • Internal linking SEO strategy

People have been obsessed with backlinks or external links for the longest time that they forget about internal linking. However, internal linking is just as powerful. 

Consider yourself going through a post on how CBD can help with anxiety, and there is an internal link on how CBD helps with inflammation. The chances are you will click on this internal link to learn more on CBD for inflammation rather than searching for it on Google. 

As you can see, it should be easy to increase the page views and potential sales with internal linking. 

Additional CBD Marketing Methods 

You can do many things other than SEO to market your CBD brand better, HealthCanal reported –  as a health magazine success in the health care field in general and medical CBD marketing in particular. They include the following.  

  • Proper branding is necessary. Look at the logo design, product packaging, and so much more. How you brand yourself will determine if you can get more clients or not. 
  • Your website design is also vital. You should never cut costs on your website design as it represents what your business is all about. Hire professionals to do a good job on your business website. Your website design is also vital.
  • Email marketing cannot be underrated too. As you implement your SEO strategy, consider email marketing too, as it can improve sales also. Well, craft your newsletters better so that they do not end up marked as spam emails. 
  • Today, videos are also necessary to boost how your business reaches different people in the market. It is why most brands now have a YouTube channel talking more about their products and how they can help improve your life. You can do that too. 
  • Improve your website’s mobile device accessibility. Considering billions of searches come from mobile devices, your CBD website needs to be mobile-friendly. If you decide to use WordPress themes, ensure they are responsive to work with different mobile devices. 


A good SEO strategy can make your brand’s online presence better and make you more sales. It is why you should always consider including SEO as part of growing your website and making it stand out. Do not go for the usual keyword stuffing and other unnecessary SEO practices that can hurt your website’s ranking. Be patient, as some SEO methods may take a few months to see the benefits. 


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