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Automatic Customer Support Chatbot In 1 Minute

Building a chatbot is hard, it takes a lot of work to build your knowledge base and add questions which you think your users might ask.

We at Botsify have a solution to your problem for the pain and the initial work you go through when building a chatbot for your business.

We are presenting you Botsify Website Chatbot, it collects the questions and answers from your website content and the search engine and builds out a free demo and free ideal experience for you in just 1 minute.

Literally 1 minute.

Still don’t believe us? Take a look at the following video we crawl, your favourite furniture site “”.

Automatic Customer Support Chatbot
Automatic Customer Support Chatbot

Our system and algorithm works for most of the website on the internet (including yours).

All you have to do is head over to and enter your website URL. The demo we build for you is purely based on your website content, and you don’t even need to sign up to Botsify platform unless you see the value in your customized, personalized chatbot demo.

Wow … Right?


Our system automatically and intelligently reads your website content, finds frequently asked questions, build it’s intelligence from the links of your website it finds in Google Search Engine and put up a read to use chatbot for your website.

Why does it count so much?

We saw almost a year ago Microsoft Published it’s platform called “QnA Maker” which basically turns your FAQ to Chatbot, but we found out they are not solving the right issue.

Most of the content website and even some of the services website don’t have a dedicated FAQ section in your chatbot. It is almost like entering your probably questions in two different places and then waiting for someone to ask those questions.

But we take the information from your website (not just FAQ page) and convert it into NLP based questions which people can ask and your chatbot can respond to.

Other cool features in line

No need for Upkeep

The chatbot Botsify build for your website is also updated with the content of your site in many cases. So you shouldn’t be too much concerned about your visitors getting outdated data from your chatbot.

Next Steps

We have been working on this for the past 3 months and we have come across several challenges while working on this, our system doesn’t incorporate languages other than English very well at the moment and this is something we are currently looking into.

At Botsify, we are working for solving your customer support pains, the time you take to respond your customers in the live chat is really crucial, you are losing sales, and conversions when you are not capturing those valuable leads in your live chat who wants to talk to you.

You can’t be online 24/7, or afford a dedicated customer support staff for night shifts.

You need a chatbot!

Botsify is the solution to your problems if you are encountering any of the above issues. Build a chatbot with Botsify and start generating leads for your business while you sleep.


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