5 ways to improve social media marketing

5 Ways to grow your social media marketing with video & automation

Social media marketing is pretty much mandatory in the modern marketing world. But it’s also tricky. Between paid ads, social posting, social media instant messaging, and multi-platform marketing, there’s a lot to keep up with. 

Unfortunately, even social media marketing can’t be turned on and off like a machine. To get results you need a consistent strategy, and you need to give that strategy time to work. 

It’s challenging to stay on top of things.

That’s where social media video and automation come in. Even if your social media marketing performance looks pretty good, you’ll boost it even more by adding video and automating as much as possible. Check out how you could make use of audio transcription services including multispeaker transcription for the best Video Post. And if you’re in a bit of a performance slump, video and automation will get you out of it. And if you’re in a bit of a performance slump, video and automation will get you out of it.

Why video and automation are your best social media marketing tools

Most social media platforms now favor video above static image posts and ads. And that’s not some arbitrary decision based on what one CEO or another likes. Social media platforms prioritize video because the data shows it’s the best way to appeal to users. It’s a good thing we can take advantage of the free content out there. There is even a huge library of 4k drone videos if ever you might need one for your social media content. Here’s why video and automation are your best social media marketing tools

Customers prefer video

Seventy two percent of customers prefer learning about a product or service by way of video.

People’s bias toward video isn’t just in regards to entertainment. Yes, people prefer cat videos over cat pictures. But customers also prefer marketing that includes video.

People remember what they see in a video

On average, people retain 95% of a message from video, compared to only 10% when reading information in text.

People almost never see your marketing at the moment they have their credit card in hand, ready to swipe. That’s why one of the core marketing missions is to get customers to remember your brand until they do have their credit card ready.

People remember what they saw in a video. And marketing that people remember is effective marketing.

Automation maximizes the ROI of video 

Marketing automation delivers a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% decrease in marketing overhead. Spending less to get more sales means a huge increase in ROI. 

In short, video performs on social media, and automation enables you to scale that performance like never before. Video and automation go together like peas and carrots. To create compelling and informative videos, consider partnering with top explainer video companies to effectively convey your message to your target audience.

Savvy marketers are increasingly using video as a social media growth strategy. They also use a bulk video editor to make the video creation process simple and optimized. Here are five concrete ideas for deploying video and automation to turbo boost your own social media campaigns.

1. Use chatbots to connect with your audience

If you’re not leveraging chatbots in your social media marketing strategy, you should be. Chatbots are the best way to keep up with all the messages and requests that you get on social media without wearing out your customer service and sales teams.

One of the biggest challenges of doing business on social media is that people can message your business profile directly, because every social media platform has some sort of instant messaging capability. It’s easy for the volume of inbound messages to outpace your capacity to respond in person.

Chatbots solve that problem. Obviously, a chatbot can’t do everything. But social media chatbots can answer questions, direct customers to other resources (more on this in the next section), and connect them with a person if need be.

If your social media marketing is working, you’ll generate a lot of customer connections. Chatbots help you respond to all these connections and deliver the most personalized customer service without overworking or expanding your team. 

2. Arm your chatbots with the power of video

Chatbots are an excellent way to scale your interaction with customers. But chatbots have a couple of limitations:

  1. In most cases, they can only communicate through text.
  2. They sometimes need to connect customers to a human representative because the problem can’t be solved with text.

Video expands what your chatbots can do because video can simulate the experience of interacting with a human. 

Achieve this by creating product and explainer videos that your chatbots can share with potential customers who have questions about your products or services. Moreover, consider opting for product photography services to allow chatbots to visually depict both the product’s appearance and its intended use. You can do this by using great online video editor software for a high-quality result of video.

Do your homework to find out what people want to know before they make a purchase and which aspects of your product or service have the most appeal to your ideal customers. Create a small video library that answers these questions and outlines the information that excites customers.

This also works for customer service chatbots. Easily make a series of video slideshows that address the issues most frequently escalated to your human customer service representatives.

Your chatbots can refer customers to those videos as a last resort before connecting them to your customer service team. Or customers can watch help videos while they wait to be connected to your team. They might not even need help after they’ve watched a video or two.

3. Leverage live video formats to answer tough questions

No matter how good your videos and your chatbots are, there will always be questions and problems that can only be solved by a human. However, these things that only humans can do are actually great opportunities for video.

Almost every social media platform has some sort of live video broadcasting format (i.e. Facebook and Instagram Live). Social media platforms grant more organic reach to these live formats to get more people to use them, which is why they’re a great source to master high-quality content.

This is an incredible opportunity to leverage the things your chatbots can’t handle. Host a live broadcast where you answer the questions and solve the problems that your chatbots always escalate to a human team member.

You’ll get the organic reach of a live broadcast, and you’ll make life easier for your teams because they won’t have to deal with these issues as often.

4. Use automation to achieve consistent social media posting

One of the biggest challenges in social media marketing is posting consistently. Getting attention with social posts is difficult. It’s even more difficult if you’re unable to post consistently.

People gravitate toward what’s familiar to them. If you post consistently, people will become familiar with your content. Then they’ll start watching, engaging, and sharing. That exposes you to even more people, who can get familiar with your content and go through the same cycle.

If you don’t post consistently, you’ll never build this momentum, even with video. 

Save time and resources by automating your social media posts. That way you can produce all your videos at once, create the social posts, and schedule them weeks in advance.

You can set it and forget it, but you’ll still see the benefits of all those social posts while you’re busy doing other things.

Many marketers say that managing their social media presence is one of the most challenging things about social media marketing. The good news is that it’s one of the easiest things to automate. So take advantage of that.

5. Use AI to work out the fine details

Simply adding video to your social media marketing strategy is going to boost your performance. But as with everything else in marketing, you’ll need to tweak your process and optimize once you get started.

This is where AI is especially useful.

There are all sorts of details that can affect your social media marketing performance. So many that it’s just about impossible to analyze them all. That is, without AI to analyze all the data.

Social media platforms have pretty solid embedded analytics dashboards. But AI social media analytics tools can help you really refine your audience targeting, find the best times to make social posts, and determine what sort of social media engagement is most valuable within your marketing strategy.

Video will give you the best social media marketing performance. And AI analytics will help you squeeze every bit of ROI from your video marketing.

## Put video (and robots) to work in your social media marketing

The reality is that social media marketing is only going to become more important. That means video is going to become more important, too.

And pairing video with AI and automation is the best way to scale up your customer service and sales to meet the demands of social media marketing without sacrificing personalized customer experiences.

So give these ideas a try. They’ll help you implement video into your social media marketing and connect with customers like never before.


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