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3 Reasons – Why Chatbots Matter to CRM

Chatbots are a seamless way to engage your customers even during off hours. You no longer need to answer all customer queries, just leave it to chatbots and your customers will be happy to return. Especially for the standard question, you got a great CRM assistant that answers your customer questions more instantly than the normal human can do. 

Many people seem to get confused by chatbots which drives the question, “can this level of automation actually fool humans to think it is humans as well?”. According to Сreatio, the question is changing, with CRM experts saying that many are now pushed to ask, “If chatbots can solve standard problems, save customers from long waits as well as save CRM teams the cost in human support, does it really matter how human it appears? Continue reading for more details about chatbots, CRM and their integration for a better customer experience. 

Customers know and understand there are many chances they could be dealing with bots a number of times and they are willing to continue working with them in solving or completing basic tasks such as changing passwords, checking account balances or ordering for a product or service.  

Customers are the most important company assets every industry needs to thrive. Let’s look at the three key reasons why chatbots matter to CRM.

  • Seamless experience

Chatbots have amazing intelligence and are in a position to respond to customer queries at a speed beyond human ability. Chatbots use natural language programming to connect with customers more naturally while bypassing canned responses. Social media chatbots also permit seamless verification and are in apposition to recall previous conversations. 

In cases where standard answers are not preferred by customers, chatbots have the ability to switch seamlessly to human operators without waiting on the line. This makes customers happier, satisfied and more likely to return. 

  • Sales promotion 

Driving sales process need quicker and more robust tools. Chatbots drive the sales process making it easier for the company to close more sales. Sales reps can therefore handle the light more important assignments such as meeting customers or closing sales. 

Chatbots help companies in achieving the general rule of attending to leads within 5 minutes or as early as possible in order to convert them. By providing 24-hour service in seven days, chatbots help in interacting customers every hour no matter the day or time of the day. This results into more leads and eventually more sales and revenue to the company. 

  • Innovative image 

Chatbots are considered to be at the top of technology in the modern market space and companies which manage to deploy them in their customer management system are equally considered to be very innovative. They save costs of attracting leads and closing deals. Chatbots come as an end to data leakage that result from sales reps forgetting to note down their conversation with potential customers, making follow up and finally conversion very difficult. Very popular companies like Google have been very successful as a result of their technological innovation. 

Summarily, the following are key advantages of using chatbots for CRM

  • They improve interactions with clients
  • They save time for customer support team
  • They help your businesses to scale easily without increasing staff costs
  • They offer guests and customers immediate responses
  • They are available 24/7

Why Is It Better To Use Chatbots And CRM Together? 

Chatbots may seem rudimentary in the current market intelligence, however, the AI advancement are taking the virtual agents to a new high level of competency. Organizations should therefore focus on improving customer experience with chatbots and forget about chatbots passing Turing artificial intelligence tests. The usual CRM automation and notifications are increasingly being overtaken by chatbots. 

Chatbots and CRM software will therefore be able to successfully work together in generating better customer satisfaction.

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Are There Any Good Examples Of Successful Use Of Chatbots In CRM Systems?

There are a number of existing chatbot use cases. Let’s mention a few. 

  1. Booking tickets

Repetitive questions like “which seats are available?” are seamlessly answered by chatbots. This helps customers take appropriate actions like booking tickets. 

  1. Build customer experience

Chatbots can engage customers by creating a quiz or telling jokes, show products in pictures or even share links. This level of interaction makes it fun for customers interacting with your company. 

  1. Feedback collection

Chatbots have been used to collect customer feedback by asking customized questions that directly generate feedback.


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