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Gain Potential Leads With Chatbot for Website

Converting visitors into a lead is quite a difficult task without using any new technology or AI in the process. A random visitor on your website needs some on-time engagement to get interested in your product. But a human can’t be available all-time whenever there is a new visitor or you may require a perfect customer team for all day which is quite expensive.

One of the most common problems many companies are facing is acquiring new leads without a large investment. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes from. Businesses rely heavily on AI chatbots to automate the process of selling and producing leads. So, a Website chatbot can be a perfect solution for this problem. 

The Lead generations chatbot is one of the best tools to help marketers connect and interact with potential customers 24/7, even when the sales department is busy or unavailable.

You know what?

“28% of the best companies use AI to attract potential customers.”


Hence, lead sales and production are one of the most important areas for businesses to witness the direct impact of chatbots. So, let’s deeply discuss the affecting factors and work of a website chatbot in lead generation.

Before finding the ways to generate leads let’s closely look at the lead generation process for a better understanding of the flow.

A close look at Lead Generation Flow

A lead is a person or company that has shown interest in your product or service. Lead generation is a process (or Product /Content marketing strategy) that consists of three main steps:

  • I am interested in a product or service.
  • Use Moments of Interest to discover your business and get contact information for people you find interesting (becoming potential customers).
  • Share contact information with your sales team to track leads and convert them into customers.

As soon as the lead becomes a customer, the lead generation process ends.

Importance of Bots in Conversion strategy for Business

Businesses can utilize chatbots to improve sales, customer support, marketing, and customer service. Bots increase customer satisfaction while increasing business efficiency and reducing corporate costs.

As per Forbes reports, “80% of marketers plan to use chatbots in some way by 2020.” That is why brands are investing in better customer service.

The benefits of using a chatbot include:

Chatbots make life easier

Your website is a lot of information that gives your customers everything they may want to know. However, while the information is readily available to customers, today’s busy customers do not want to find information or solutions. Rather than wasting valuable time-consuming searches, they want a magical button that they can press and talk to and can easily solve all of your questions and problems.

Chatbots make life easier for everyone involved. He may not be able to get the rabbit out of the hat, but for a customer, it will certainly be magical without having to keep a complex trick or trick on his sleeve.

Sales automation

You can use chatbots to automate your sales funnel to pre-qualify leads by asking specific questions and directing them to the right team for further training based on their answers. The ability to immediately attract customers increases the number of wires and conversion rates.

Best Return on Investment (RoI)

You can do $8 billion cost savings through chatbots. Bots open up business opportunities by creating effective conversations for customers. This is an investment that requires a deep understanding of the purpose and a deep understanding of how to strengthen, differentiate, or improve the overall service.

The bot is always active

Chatbots are always ready to attract customers and get instant answers to all sales inquiries. With the help of a sales bot, your salespeople can validate your leads by asking questions based on your business requirements. It will help you understand your visitor’s intentions, what to say next, and the secrets to guide your care.

Chatbots are always available when you need them, day or night. Do you have an urgent question that needs to be answered at 2 am? The chatbot is waiting and ready to help.

Chatbot builds brand trust

Chatbots can build brand trust and credibility. AI chatbots are often the first time a prospect interacts with your brand, so it’s a great opportunity to educate your prospects about what your products and services can deliver. Bots make a positive impression by providing a strong connection between consumers and brands.

Chatbots Improve Website Impression

Chatbots are like a warm, fluffy blanket in the cold winter and a loose cup of coffee on a Monday morning. Bots provide valuable customer service, support, convenience, and entertainment in some cases. This will give your online visitors and potential customers a more personalized and positive experience, making them feel valuable and important.

Bots can quickly and efficiently answer questions, especially frequently asked questions. This is especially useful given that many customers ask the same question when visiting your website. No more waiting for answers or being ignored.  Bots can help customers navigate your site and can even help them with payments. 

Bots act as virtual assistants and can provide products and referrals that increase sales and profits. Finally, bots can help in that customers may not have realized they needed help the first time they visited your website.

Grow Your Business With Lead generation Chatbot

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How to get Visitor conversion with Lead Generation chatbot

You need a talented sales team that may be ready to take care of communicating with customers is a very costly time. And on the other hand, chatbots play a key role in getting the lead by always ready to greet the visitors and respond when it arrives. Chatbots can also be programmed to never sell, but they always provide and support critical moments between engagement and the first engagement in the conversion funnel.

In other words, the chatbot is like an automatic concierge assistant in the purchase process. But how they do everything “in the box” is a question every company should ask, and this question we have to answer here today. Let’s see how chatbots can improve lead generation.

Helping the audience understand

It’s difficult to give a gift to a new neighbor, but picking a gift for a close friend is easy. Why is this? Because you know your friend inside. Likewise, selling a product to a customer can be difficult if you don’t know the customer’s interests. Chatbots make this difficult task easier.

Chatbot makes it easy to understand your audience. This allows you to define consumer interests, likes, and dislikes for your product. It also improves lead acquisition. Chatbots can conduct polls, ask questions, and quizzes while users are talking. This will give you a better understanding of the best and least implemented products.

Online stores can use sales chatbots to generate more leads. For example, when a user visits your site, a bot may ask for interest. When the user enters the wrist, the bottom may show the best wrist they currently have.

Target group distribution

Segmentation plays an important role in keeping your content up to date. It also improves your lead production strategy. Providing an Indian citizen with a travel package to a valid U.S. resident can ruin the customer experience. Chatbots can segment target customers based on the information provided. It depends on several factors such as demographics, interests, age, gender, etc. It also helps nurture leaders. If your customers fall into a specific category, you can refer to them as answers in this section.

For example, if a user is celebrating Christmas, the bot can show you the best gift your customers can give for Christmas. This can be very effective because it targets your audience with the right solution.

Relationship building

Trust is the foundation of relationships. Chatbots help build trust by talking to your audience regularly. We provide immediate support to attract subscribers and are always willing to help. This leads consumers to believe that there is always a trusted brand.

This can be very useful for lead production. People trust chatbots because they don’t push and are always worried about customer preferences. You can provide support to users through chatbots. If there is a problem with your purchase or account, you will be fined for a solution.

There are many major chatbot creation strategies, but here are the things you need to follow. To build strong customer relationships, you can use chatbots to generate more leads.

Easy Form for Record

Filling out forms has become a tedious task. It’s neither fun nor exciting. Chatbots replace these formats very effectively, allowing them to engage intelligently with leaders.

As the user progresses, the conversation asks for user information. This reduces friction and makes data collection easier. This improves your lead generation strategy when your customers don’t have to strive to fill in the information.

Users can easily provide information in response to a response. Using a chatbot to collect information about potential customers is not inconvenient for users. Create a chatbot that can ask for each user’s name, email address, phone number, address, etc. Provides an auto-complete option to make the client print smaller, speeding up the process of providing details.

Audience education

Training is an important part of the lead production process. If you don’t know the product, the customer will not buy it. You can do it easily with a chatbot. Many organizations use chatbots to educate their audience and make them loyal subscribers. I even signed up for Facebook Messenger’s many platforms to read blog articles on my favorite topics.

Collect customer reviews

The secret to any successful company is to provide the highest quality service, exactly what your customers want. One way to do this is to use customer statements. This is a great source of information on how to improve your business.

But how can I get customer feedback? It’s also difficult to get customers to participate in surveys. One possible reason is that the customer has to go to a new website to fill out a long-form and fill out the answers. This may not be an effective way to conduct research.

Research shows that the frequency of disclosure of existing email surveys ranges from 10% to less than 5% at best.

Bounce Rate Optimization with Website Chatbot

Chatbots have become an important part of the conversion strategy. More and more companies are assisting website visitors through this direct communication channel.

Customers prefer chatbots over live chat or human support. Chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it’s exactly what 51% of people would expect from a company. It can also handle multiple applications at the same time, unlike human agents.

This greatly reduces the response time. Chatbots have a positive effect on the quality of customer service because we know people hate scams. In short, chatbots can show their customers that they respect to time by providing immediate support.

Traditional conversion strategies for reducing bounce rates and increasing visitor conversion rates can be combined over time, but in most cases, they need to be brainstormed and tested again and again.

On the other hand, Website Chatbots are practical and simplify the entire process of driving new visitors and potential buyers to your site. Most importantly, not only reduce bounce rates but also reduce the effort it takes to achieve these results.

That said, it certainly doesn’t take light years to replace marketers, but in terms of helping us, it could be more useful than we think.

Botsify chatbot for generating leads for your businesses

I am sure after knowing the benefits and uses of chatbot in lead generation you must be looking for a good chatbot for your websites…

So, if you are interested in website chatbots and want a perfect Platform for you. We have a good platform suggestion for you so they can provide you with a perfect chatbot. A chatbot with all features you need to convert your visitors into a lead. A chatbot that doesn’t require any coding…A Chatbot which is available 24/7… 

Botsify is the perfect platform that has all the features you are Looking for. So, Let’s discuss Botsify’s chatbot feature you can use to create a perfect lead generation bot.

Grow Your Business With Botsify Chatbot

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UberCool Features for Lead Conversion 

Here are some wonderful features integrated with the website chatbot at Botsify to promote your business:

Improves Impression with Multiple Languages feature

A multilingual chatbot can help you out in grabbing all those customers. You can communicate in any language with the help of multi-languages features. Multilingual chatbots can help increase customer diversity by allowing you to chat with e-commerce companies using chatbots from people of different languages ​​and cultures.

So, Botsify is offering you a great feature named multi-language chatbot. With this feature, make your chatbot conversing into 190+ languages that help you in leaving an excellent impression on your visitors and convert them into leads.

Here is how a Multi-language chatbot works:


Easy Data Collection with Conversational Form

Conversational forms give you more areas to decide what you need to do to reach new lead generation customers. Create form fields to collect name, email, location, phone number, geocoding, and more. The Botsify online chatbot can use API integration to verify whether the user who entered the information is accurate data, location, contact, or personal authentication.

And you can collect data in a google sheet to record all your visitors for further contact in the future. That great… 

Look how Conversational Forms are working…

CheckBox Plugin for Messenger’s Customer

If you have a good Facebook page this feature is perfect for you. Social media is a perfect platform to spread your business and also for visitor conversion. Most of the visitors visit your Facebook page and try to contact you on your Facebook messengers but what if you were not available at the moment you end up losing your lead. 

But Don’t worry at Botsify we have a perfect solution for you with Botsify’s Checkbox Plugin feature you can connect your website chatbot that was created for your website, to your messenger. Yeah, you receive your website messages on your messenger. That’s great na!!! 

Try these Botsify’s Features now…

Convert your Visitors in to a Lead with these features now and increase your sellings

How can a successful website chatbot look alike?

Chatbots indeed is one of the best platforms for growing your business. There are many platforms you can use to grow your business, but chatbots are the best. Social media platforms are the best choice for connecting chatbots, and building a chatbot is a smart step towards growing your business. 

Ready to be inspired? Find out what’s the most important company on your chatbot website, and learn how to translate these web chat examples to improve results.

If you create a successful website chatbot you can achieve a huge amount of Leads for your business. Here we have examples of some successful chatbots business owners with their Leads Stats: Let’s have a look…

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Skilly AI Chatbot

Chatbot for the website is perfect for visitor conversion. Engagement is all about relaxation and privacy, so providing a convenient way for visitors to book appointments can shorten your visit and lead to more meetings.

One of the Botsify clients managed to get 204,399 impressions and 29, 252 users by using Chatbot for the website. That great na!!! Let’s check this out…

Beauty Bay

Beauty salons are all about relaxation, comfort, and privacy, so providing a convenient way for you beauty visitors to book appointments can shorten your visit and lead to more meetings. Whether taking the subway or waking up from yesterday’s workout sick, chatbots can book a service and continue the day.

From easily scheduling appointments around the clock, to answering instant questions in real-time, service companies run chatbot websites efficiently. Using the same technique Botsify’s client Beauty Bay managed to achieve a huge mark of 209,872 users at their chatbot.

They have also achieved 4,499,956 user engagement by using Botsify Chatbot for the website.


Let’s check the stats to know about some more achievements.


Starting a website with a chatbot is not difficult and does not take much development time

Want to know who your website visitors are? Ask them why they came to your site today. This is a clear and simple question. Providing pre-populated click buttons can help users navigate through the different pages of your site, as well as learn more about who’s behind the screen.

By asking these simple questions you can engage a huge amount of visitors and get visitor leads. Here we have another success story of a Website chatbot who managed to achieve 194, 122 monthly user Engagement by asking these simple engaging questions. Have a look at complete stats:

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In a Nutshell

In short, People prefer Chatting rather than calling. So, to take advantage of this opportunity, it is very important to integrate your chatbot with your company’s website. As technology advances, chatbots are available on almost all platforms, so we recommend using them to take advantage of their widespread adoption. And Bostify is the best platform to achieve your goals and get higher visitor conversion.

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