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Customer Service Vs. Customer Experience – Why And How To Differentiate The Two

There are companies that often confuse customer experience and customer service. Do you know the difference?-Let’s find out the real difference between the two concepts.Customer service concentrates on communication and problem-solving so customers get the best out of your service. Customer experience looks at the overall result that you leave customers in every stage of the customer journey.

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How a Chatbot on Facebook Can Boost Your B2B Content Marketing Efforts

Modern technologies are increasingly helping businesses to gain maximum benefits with a minimum effort. The work of human resources managers is easily optimized using the HR software, and social networking chatbots help to interact with customers in the most efficient ways.

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The Best WhatsApp Chatbot Strategy to Improve Customer Churn Rate

Are you looking forward to a strategy to improve your customer churn rate?Let me tell you one thing nobody had a perfect strategy to control their churn rate so you are not alone. Almost all online business owners are looking forward to new strategies to develop their customer churn. learn how a whatsapp chatbot can improve your churn rate.