How a Chatbot on Facebook Can Boost Your B2B Content Marketing Efforts

Modern technologies are increasingly helping businesses to gain maximum benefits with a minimum effort. The work of human resources managers is easily optimized using the HR software, and social networking chatbots help to interact with customers in the most efficient ways.

There are two ways to get contact information from potential customers through Facebook – this is lead generation and a chatbot. A chatbot helps to expand the standard Facebook advertising tools and thus gives advertisers a competitive advantage. Moreover, it works in all areas, including B2B. Let’s understand in practice how a chatbot on Facebook can make your marketing strategy reveal its full potential.

Visual Statistics

To date, there are 300,000 chatbots operating in Facebook Messenger, and sharing 8 billion messages with users. According to forecasts, chatbots will allow companies to save about $8 billion by 2022. All this suggests that technology is on the rise.

Main Ways Facebook Messenger Chatbots May Improve Your Content Marketing and Business Strategy as Well

Save Time and Money on Customer Service

Chatbots save you hours of time with partial customer support automation because most users prefer messengers as a communication channel. Register the frequently asked questions and auto-answers to them, and for complex and individual questions add a chat with the manager to the chatbot. For example, the Samsung Global chatbot answers frequently asked questions about using smartphone features.

A chatbot can conduct mini-consultations for customers – ask questions and select offers based on the answers. Through the chatbot, you can carry out customer support, check the availability of goods, and ordering. This allows you to save money on customer support to expand other departments like hiring the Ivory Research writers to create more quality content.

Sales Automation

You can create a full-fledged store with a catalog of offers, ordering, payment, and useful content. Through the “question-answer” chatbot can create a personalized offer for the client.

Since everything happens without leaving Facebook, the bounce rate will be less than with contextual and targeted advertising that leads to a web page. For example, the 1-800-Flowers Assistant chatbot allows users to order flowers through Messenger. The bot will find out from the client which category of products it searches for and displays the relevant products. And then requests the delivery address and phone number of the recipient.

Gather Target Audience Contacts Several Times Faster

As a rule, the speed of passage through variable tunnels is several times faster than via email-funnel. After interacting with the advertisement, the user directly enters the Base of your business page, where ChatBot or the manager can communicate with him – work with objections, create polls and surveys, do targeted mailings. Using the Facebook Messenger bot, you can send a newsletter to anyone who has previously linked to your page. This means that you already have an active subscriber base, which over time will grow.

Increase Involvement in Your Project

You can expect a higher degree of involvement because opening messages in Messenger reaches 88%, and clickability – 56%. And since customers respond to messages using the CTA buttons, without leaving Facebook, they move faster through the marketing funnel.

Advertising with the help of chatbots on Facebook allows you to save the budget by excluding weak links such as landing pages and email forms from the touch chain, for which for various reasons half of the potential customers merge.

Segment Customers in the Right Way

If your business has offers for different audiences, then with the help of a bot you can segment subscribers. Add polls to the chatbot to determine customer needs and send relevant messages.

How to Create a Chatbot

In order to create a chatbot you have two options. If you are not an expert in programming, it is better to hire a programmer who will develop a chatbot for you. Such a bot will be of very high quality, it will take into account many options for the development of events, respond differently and, perhaps, even learn. But such bots are expensive, and only large companies that have occupied their niche very well can afford to create such a solution.

The second option is to make the bot yourself using visual platforms such as Pandorabots, Flow XO, ManyChat, ChatFuel, ChattyPeople .

Two Types of Chatbots That Will Be Most Effective for B2B

  • ChatBot Assistant. Virtual business assistants allow your customers to automatically receive an answer to your question or find out the status of the order. Through the chatbot, you can carry out customer support, check the availability of goods, and ordering. A useful feature will be mailings with discounts, promotions, updates, instructions and tips on using the products of the online store.
  • Chatbot Seller. Chatbots on Facebook can be excellent sellers, as they allow you to build very effective sales tunnels (funnels) by “warming up” customers, working with objections and queries in automatic mode.

Thus, today chatbot on Facebook, Messenger is a great tool not only to improve the content strategy but also to optimize business processes and promotion in general. Start using its capabilities today, and tomorrow your business will not be the same.


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