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6 Must-Have Website Conversion Tools to Skyrocket Your business

Across industries, the average conversion rate for landing pages is just 2.35%. That means that about 98% of visitors to your website are just that, visitors. Whether it’s the offer, the copy, user experience or something else, only 2% leave your site as buyers. For every 1,000 people on your site, 20 will spend money with you.

It’s clear that besides creating better products, companies of the future will have one more factor to worry about – their website. Even if you’re literally selling ice to Eskimos, your conversion rate will fall flat if your website is poorly optimized. Here are a few excellent tools to help you boost your conversions.

What if I told you that you can lift your conversions, but without even lifting a finger? gives you a full suite of tools to capitalize on social proof. The tool is still in beta with a launch promised soon, but here are some of the many options it offers. This tool leverages client converts client marketing – a concept where the customer does all the marketing work on your behalf.

First, you can set up conversions to display in a pop-up automatically. Every time someone buys something, books a demo, opts in for an offer or takes some other action, it will be displayed on a visitor’s screen. You can also display your current visitors or the number of visitors in the past couple of days. also takes care of your testimonials, as the platform lets you gather testimonials and display them on autopilot. Similarly, you can also use it to gather star ratings for your pages and products which are later shown in Google search results.

Since is in beta right now, all of the plans are completely free to try out, with all options available. When the app goes out of beta, paid plans start at $56 per month, so this is a great chance to hop on board and try out all the features absolutely free. You can use this link to sign up for the beta right now.


It’s 2019 and chatbots are no longer a novelty – they’re one of the most common marketing elements used by everyone, from e-commerce stores to SaaS companies and personal coaches. They have a huge advantage over dedicated sales rep or customer support – they’re available 24/7 and they can win back some of that leaky traffic that leaves without converting.

Botsify is one of the most advanced chatbot mechanisms out there, used by more than 80,000 companies all over the world. Companies using Botsify have increased their sales by 30% and saved over 80% on cost by using bots instead of dedicated staff. Besides building a bot for your website, you can also have one made for your Facebook page or Slack channel.

Five Second Tests

If you’ve glanced at your analytics, you can probably see that many people bounce just seconds after coming to your website. It’s not a glitch – the average reader will only spend about 15 seconds on your site before leaving. That’s an incredibly small time frame to make an impression.

Five Second Tests is a platform that does exactly what it says. You submit your website or landing page and users are given five seconds to review it and give their feedback. You can get some amazing insights from this tool, even if you think five seconds is simply not enough. This is an excellent way to improve your design, copy, user experience and much more.

Google Analytics and Google Optimize

Getting into conversion rate optimization before first looking at Google Analytics and Optimize would be like going into writing a novel without knowing how to spell. These two tools will tell you the most relevant data for your conversions, including:
– Visits
– Session length
– Click-through-rates
– Conversions
And much more. Before you go for any of the paid tools mentioned here, make sure to have your data from Analytics so you have a control value against the tests you run later on.

Crazy Egg

You can tell quite a lot from numbers – how many visitors you had to a website, how many of them converted and how much time they spent browsing. However, there are many things that numbers simply cannot tell, and that’s what tools like Crazy Egg are for.

While visitors are browsing, Crazy Egg captures what they’re doing so that you can take a look at it later on. It records user sessions, tracks their behavior and creates heat maps. Besides being a pretty image to look at, you can use it to notice patterns and see where your users stop on their path from visitor to buyer.

Crazy Egg
Crazy Egg

There are other great options on the market if you want to shop around, such as Fullstory or Hotjar. Whichever tool you choose, you will be able to get great insights (and have some fun) while watching visitors browse your website.


You’re probably thinking – popups are dead, who uses them anymore? As annoying as they are, companies out there still use popups and visitors still click on them. In fact, Sumo’s latest research based on 2 billion popups states that they convert at an average of 3.09%. Nothing too impressive, but if you can add a popup to increase your conversion rates, why miss the chance?

Using Poptin, you can create exit-intent popups, welcome mats, top bars, bottom bars… A wide range of popups to collect leads. The drag and drop editor makes it super easy to get started and you can use advanced targeting methods

AB Tasty

Say that you’ve used one of these tools and you want to see how successful they are in increasing your conversion rates. You can manually compare the data or pull it from Google Analytics, or let another tool like AB Tasty do the work for you.

AB Tasty also has session recording and heat maps, but it also allows A/B split, funnel, and multivariate testing. You can set up different versions of the same page based on a number of criteria, such as URL and location. The app comes with a built-in visual editor so that everything is one place and easy to use.


The conversion rate is one of the most burning issues for businesses across industries. However, there’s a tool out there that works for everyone. With careful measurement and split testing, you can use these tools to get more conversions and make sure that your website turns visitors into buyers.


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