Boost up your fashion store with FAQ chatbot

Boost Up Your Online Clothing Business with FAQ Chatbot

The Internet is an integral part of life now and Gen-z can’t live without it. Ordering food, booking a cab, hotel room reservation, even the most trending is online shopping and much more, just a click away from us. All things aside, If we talk about shopping, nowadays people unlike in-store purchasing. And now moving towards online clothing stores. But your customers have some sort of queries, and they want from you to answer. you can expect those question like FAQs of your online clothing store because you face those question repeatedly. The solution is here named FAQ chatbot.

Have you made a streamlined path for the shopaholics? If yes, then it’s great. But if not yet, take it easy!

Do you know your customers have purchasing power but can’t make purchasing decisions when a single question hits their mind? The question is related to your online store product that only you can answer. We have a solution for your online clothing stores and FAQs related to your product.

Indeed, a sigh of relief!!!?

You can see the graph below how online fashion industry makes life easier.

Source: Marketing Charts

FAQ chatbot works viable for your website and your folks. Your online clothing store may be busy taking orders, on the other hand, your clothing FAQ chatbot will be handling your customers’ queries.

FAQbot for the online clothing store

The online fashion industry gets more revolutionized and has superpower AI chatbots to attract people that’s why the fashion industry is not coming slow at any cost. The online shopping stores take the best advantage of chatbots and it says that chatbot makes every prospect’s life easy and improves customers’ experience. Surprisingly it’s true! People have many questions but some questions are used to be answered to satisfy them. 

Source: Superoffice

That’s why FAQ chatbot has the biggest place in the online fashion industry. ?

If you want to elevate your conversion rate, you must work on your website. Many people look for online shopping and jump directly to your website, but if your website is too slow or not working or your sales essentials are not there, it will not benefit you ever! 

Your product image should be clear, pricing structure should be compatible, the journey to click on your product to add into cart must work viable. And when people want to talk to you, don’t make them wait at all. By inserting bots, your communication runs definitely pure and clear. Chatbot also lubricates the online shopping process.

FAQ chatbot has the power to convert your prospect into your potential customers. Anyone who comes to your website has definite intentions to search for something and then buy when they accomplish to find what they want. 

So keep up straight to know how it works.?‍♂️

Are you wondering about FAQ chatbot? 

The FAQs are the list of all common questions about a particular product or service. It allocates you and redirects to the answers to solve your problem regarding that specific product or service. Do you want to face questions about your product again and again?

The same question asks 10k times, certainly, you will get frustrated and aggressive as well. Patience is more important and If I were at your place I would surely lose my patience. 

Once you deploy FAQs on your site, it clarifies all the ambiguity about your products. But You have to create the most smooth path for your customers by deploying FAQ chatbot. Know the reason below!!

Why FAQbot in online clothing industry?

FAQ chatbot is responsible for answering those queries that you expect most from the customers’ side. Every organization put it on its website to streamline the sales funnel.  

FAQbot is concerned for everyone either for customers or sellers. No one denies how they provide convenience for both of them. Creating opportunities for both of them, in the way of communication, and reduces the gap between them. It is more important to the seller to build a worthy relationship with the customers.  

Have a look!!

It is plenty of time your customers get stuck or frustrated with your unwanted act. Still, you try to convince them and offer compensation. Why do you do that? Just because you don’t lose your loyal customers. FAQ chatbot redirects to all the queries that your customers’ want. It gives privilege to the customers to research your product. 

Why should you use FAQ chatbot

In the clothing industry, it explains the particular questions’ answers that satisfy your prospect and try to help out in the buyer’s journey. Your buyer personas certainly have a diverse mindset but still, they have some authentic and bargaining questions before they take any further step towards buying decisions. How smartly you respond or how smartly you justify your products or service is up to you.

But think twice before you act, because once you do not respond well, you may lose your prospect before taking any other action from their side. 

Justification of your clothing material or your pricing structure is no means to you. Why create a fuss for your customers? Why not create a streamlined system that approaches customers directly to their query? No more inconvenience for your folks. Your online clothing store is much needed for this virtual FAQ handling tool so you can take a long rest or find other opportunities to do all your pending work. 

We have lots of clothing brands that use FAQchatbot to entertain the customers and they proved that FAQ chatbot is completely a potential tool that drives your sales into a huge revenue. Like H&M, Sephora, Burberry, Levis, Ali baba Fashion AI store, and many other leading brands utilize clothing FAQ chatbot to reduce the workload and help their customers better. Let’s have a look at how they spread convenience for their customers!!

H&M is an online clothing store and they use chatbots to investigate customers’ needs. By interpreting their searches, they show all the relative stuff to their customers and focus on their previous style. Their chatbot design in a way that it assists them till their selling process is done. Look how user-friendly this chatbot is ?

Source: Bot-Hub

How FAQ converts into a clothing FAQ chatbot?

As I told you before, people will ask questions just to investigate your product, don’t rush on it. But you have to make this process the easiest as you can. Your folks come to your site, find FAQs page then read out all those FAQs just for the sake of their few queries or questions.

It is a big chance your prospect will bounce back and jump for another site where they can find ease to solve their problem. Will you let it happen? A big no for this!!

You have to connect them directly as people come to your site, the clothing FAQ chatbot pops-up and they just ask questions about what they prefer. .

Easy peasy!!

FAQs for online clothing stores!

For the online clothing store, what type of FAQ do you expect from your customer side?  

Let’s list it down and then convert it into the bot. 

Q1. How can I pay for my order? 

Ans. Clothing Shop Online currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept payment via PayPal.

Q2. My discount coding is not working, what should I do?

Ans. We are sorry you are having trouble checking out, please note that some discount codes require users to create an account on the site and be logged in upon check out to utilize the discount code.

Q3. Where are your products shipped from?

Ans. We ship from 7 warehouses around the US. With so many shipping centers across the country, we provide some of the fastest, most affordable delivery options in the industry. 

Q4. How can I check the status of my order?

Ans. We know you can’t wait to receive your order, which is why we will be sure to notify you when your order ships via email. You can also see the current status of your order here.

Q5. Can I exchange my order?

Ans. We do not offer exchanges at this time. If you’d like to make an exchange, simply return the unused goods to us using our return page and make a new purchase for the item or items you want through our site.

Q6. Where can I find product sizing information?

Ans. Product sizing varies between different brands and styles. Product size information can be found toward the bottom of each product detail page as shown in the image below. Unless otherwise specified sizing is in inches and is taken with the item lying flat.

Ohh!! Now find all your query in all the above questions. It’s very difficult!!

Ready to convert FAQs into FAQ chatbots?

Now move these questions into the bot and see how effortless it can be to find related queries.

With Botsify it is extremely accessible to convert your FAQs into FAQbot. Steps to follow:

  • Insert your website URL or your FAQ page URL
  • Your data is scraping and you instantly receive a link through an email just click on it 
  • Within 3 minutes your bot is ready to use.

Your online clothing store now has a virtual assistant to handle your customers without any hassle. Your on-demand chatbot creates a path to increase the conversion rate by improving customer experience.

See how quick you get your concern query with FAQ chatbot, Looks great, isn’t it?!! Now you can build your FAQ chatbot instantly with Botsify.

Lets Get Started

Enjoy direct conversation with the FAQ chatbot 

When it comes to generating revenues, all the business insiders are ready to confront it. The owners of online clothing stores have many opportunities to win your target audience. Get ready to connect your prospects by embedding chatbot. Chatbot itself has variant functions to satisfy the customers either it can be built on a website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, or other messenger applications. 

FAQ chatbot is another thing to help you to grow your business. Interestingly, a non-techie person now builds these tools without any coding. You don’t need to be a programmer to know how chatbot creates or deploys on websites. With Botsify, it is easy to connect your conversation or FAQs into the bot. You can say your online clothing store has its own hands to handle your customers and generate leads. Assigning duties to the FAQ chatbot will increase your customer bonding as well as customer relationship. Let’s dig deeper into how you can entrust clothing FAQ chatbot.

24/7 Virtually Assist Your Customers

The beauty of the chatbot totally depends upon how it gives time to the customers with full resources. Either it takes less time to perform its work as a quick responder or fail to fulfill its responsibilities. This super tech AI is more powerful that it doesn’t take any rest and can work round the clock. This user-friendly FAQ chatbot puts its effort into responding to customers as they reach your site and talk to your customers’ requirements. 

By helping them throughout the day it doesn’t seem like a tired human face. Embed this power to empower your site and respond to your customer questions throughout the day.

Source: Picuki

Generating leads via FAQ Chatbot

Acquiring customers is the most difficult task for any business. And when you have an online store it looks a hard task to interact with people. Because you are not interacting with your prospect physically. Fortunately, this digital era almost reduced this hurdle for the online business.

That’s why many people are moving towards this path. But they have to build relationships with their prospects to make them potential customers without physical interaction. The question is how? To generate leads, the chatbot is much better than physical interactions. 

For example, a visitor visits your online clothing store website, sees your product then many questions click on his/her mind. Like which stuff do you use? How can I do payments? Have you any discount offers?

Now tackle these types of questions with the FAQ chatbot thousands of times whenever a new visitor comes to you. And if you couldn’t satisfy your customers, you should be ready to lose them. Why take a risk on it? Your new customers need more attention from your side. Be at ease, you don’t need to overcome this issue by sitting on the chair 24/7. Build your website chatbot and spread your network to win qualified customers.   

Source: Fiverr

Provide different ways to interact with you online, and make their shopping experience satisfied. The chatbot is the only solution to greet your customers as soon as they reach your site.

Be Personalized to Improve Your Customers’ Experience

“Hello, how can I assist you??” or “Hi, may I help you? ?”

These types of greetings objectify how much you are happy by seeing your customers. By offering help, you can get your customers’ needs. What they are looking for? The impact of being personalized makes you a trustworthy online retailer and optimizes customers’ experience. Increase customer engagements with your online clothing stores and your product is a great way to drive sales and generate profit. 

In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience.

Online clothing FAQ chatbot immediately modifies your product so they cannot leave your site without any doubt.

With the chatbot, you can send them customized messages, greetings, wishes on their big day, and the most prominent feature of the chatbot is video chat. If they want to talk with you, the chatbot also gives the opportunity of video call support.

Source: Intel style

The reason chatbot gives you a human-like interface is its undeniable features that make you satisfied on the customer support side.

Customer Support Agents

Indeed, FAQs save your time when you create the FAQ page but have you ever monitored how many customers get your FAQs without any difficulties? Your prospects need someone who guides you first then they make decisions about buying products. Previously, organizations hired customer support agents who work for them in morning shifts approximately 6-7 hours, and then again they have night shifts so they hire some night bees to support calls, messages, and emails. 

Now, the world literally changes its way of working. People rely more on technology and why not they rely upon it? This is the opportunity to spread out your business globally. 

The advantage of online business is you have to play with technical tools and you can spread a large network within less time.

The trend of chatbot makes it easy for all the business insiders, especially online retailers. Your clothing store never needs any agent for any query because chatbot gives you this service at less cost. And as I mentioned above it provides 24hrs working time with no morning or night shifts, because it has no concern of timings and locations. It will cut down your expense alternatively you have fewer resources and more profit.

Tackle Queries With Visual Searching 

For clothing wear, visual insight is more important like size, colors, and the stuff of your products does matter. Online shopping may be risky for people but if we eliminate this risk by getting people’s wishes, we may conquer their hearts. 

The visual insights clarify doubts but what if they want to ask questions regarding your product when they just saw your product. Maybe they want some difficulty or some authentic question that must be clarified to them. 

Suppose a visitor wants a striped shirt that is not available at your site, but you have them in stock. He wants to see it and they just go to the bot and try to ask questions about that, are you ready for this type of questions? You must be ready!!

The online clothing FAQ chatbot also provides you with suggestion questions so your customers are directly attached to what they want.

Lubricate Your Sales Process

What does your business want? Customers? Sales? revenues? Obviously yes. The online clothing store acts as a true product guide and it is only possible when you put a guide on your site. This guide should be a hi-tech named chatbot and when it comes to sales, no one can defeat these bots. FAQ chatbot acts as a lubricant in the sales process that works viably to boost your sales.

As an online retailer, your motive should be increasing sales and be at that position where your standard meets market compatible.

Follow Your FAQbot

Are you worried about FAQ chatbot? Is it risky? Not at all. FAQ chatbot guides your customers to grab the best outfit for them and justify your material. But if you want to track your FAQ chatbot, you can do this too. Botsify deploys analytics options on its dashboard so you can easily track your customers’ FAQ chatbot experience. This will help you to keep an eye on your FAQ chatbot and your sales per month or even per day.

In The End

The integration of chatbot on your website is leveraged to eliminate ambiguity, drive sales, increase conversion rate, and drown you into profit. It is amazing to style your website with FAQ chatbot to enhance the opportunity by giving a long-lasting customer experience. FAQ chatbot is not coming slow at all!!

Try out now for your remarkable experience with Botsify!!


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