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FAQ Chatbot To Incraese Website Conversion

Website conversions matter a lot for online business owners but in this fast-developing digital world, it’s quite difficult to stand out without any new technology. Therefore, in this digital era, the FAQ Chatbot feature is a must-have.

In our 24/7 induced world, people demand information and support to be available on-demand, especially with brand-focused businesses that sell to customers. Chatbots answer the call for this demand. Chatbots have grown very useful in many ways. They help customers find information, research brands, products and services and help with making acquisitions. The cherry on top is this fact – chatbots improve website conversion rates.

Look at the infographics that show after using chatbot how much conversions are increased.

Increase conversion rates up to 0.6%


So you can increase your conversion rate at a great level by using this simple automation tool named chatbot but many of the people are confused that:

How can they develop a chatbot? Does it require much time? Do we need to code to create a chatbot? Or is it going to work or not? Bla Bla Bla…..

These questions are running in our mind when we are planning to acquire a technology like a chatbot but don’t worry about those questions. I have a solution for you-FAQ Chatbot.

At Botsify they provide you with a feature named FAQ chatbot feature by which you can make a dummy chatbot to know how a chatbot works within minutes without any coding. By this feature, you can experience the facilities of a chatbot within just minutes…

Well, that’s totally great!

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How do Chatbots improve website conversion rates?

A typical website visitant comes to a website or landing page viewing for something that solves a query or meets a need. They either utilize the search bar to find what they are looking for, or they scroll through pages and pages looking for it. A chatbot reduces these steps and provides an immediate answer. Chatbots save time which means the conversion happens more quickly.

There is another cause why chatbots improve conversion rates. Chatbots are personal. They greet a guest or customer personally just like a human help would greet a buyer coming into a store. When customers feel greeted, they are more likely to buy. In general, the internet is very personalized. People have pseudo-names and hide behind hashtags. This is why consumers love chatbots. Approximately half of all consumers would rather interact with a brand via messaging instead of email or phone calls.

So by using FAQ chatbot, you can experience all these things within a minute and try your chatbot without any coding or any other heck tick process. Isn’t it cool?

But you might be amazed how you can go for it? How does it work?- So let’s see how you can create a chatbot with this feature.

Create Chatbot with FAQ bot in minutes:

Just utilize this simple FAQ chatbot building platform to improve end-user confidence by building your brand awareness. When you use a FAQ bot on the website, you will be able to convert the curious visitors into potential customers. The process is much simple and allows you to take full advantage of this exciting feature.

You can Develop a chatbot in just 3 simple steps:

Insert your website URL

So, first of all, you just need to provide a URL of the website you want to create a chatbot for 

After you add the website URL, Botsify will create FAQs from any content of your website that you want to utilize as a visitor’s query. And it’s better if the URL is of a FAQ page because botsify uses queries feed in the websites FAQ page and then botsify chatbot greets the customer accordingly…

Insert URL here:

So all you are going to insert your URL here and then sign up to the botsify for free and whenever you want within 14 days after a trial you can use the paid version of your chatbot with additional features according to your selected plan.

Data Scraping by Botsify:

So the next step is to gather information from your entered website…Don’t worry you don’t have to do anything in this process you just have to wait for botsify will do it himself by using Microsoft azure knowledge base technology.

Woah that’s great…

As soon as you enter the URL, Botsify will scrape all of the data presented on the page and convert it into the chatbot’s queries and answers. It doesn’t really matter whether you are offering answers to just basic queries or covering each aspect of your business on your FAQ page.

Experience free trial Demo 

After the above-mentioned steps, your chatbot is ready in a short period of time and you can experience a free demo of your chatbot. So after a few minutes of entering the URL, we will send you an email with a confirmation link so you can truly analyze the seamless user engagement through the FAQ chatbot demo.

Get started with Bot

So these are the simple steps after which you will get your chatbot and experience high website conversions with this simple automation tool. Chatbot has many benefits that can play a vital role in generating website leads. Now let’s have a look at how FAQ chatbot is helping out us in website conversion.

FAQ chatbot is increasing conversions

As we all know that chatbot is really very important in the digital world as it is providing almost all services needed in online businesses. So let’s talk about some of its important benefits.

Provide 24/7 assistant within minutes:

FAQ chatbot is ready in minutes so by using this feature you can provide 24/7 services to your customer within minutes. Botsify allows you to develop and deploy FAQ chatbot within a few minutes. The simplified process ensures that you cannot face any hassle during the entire process.

Unlike humans, the chatbot doesn’t need rest; they can assist your customers anywhere, anytime under any circumstances. And also you don’t have to wait for a lot to experience this service, you can experience this service in just a short time period with this feature…

FAQ Chatbot a virtual assistant for non-techie also

Are you a non-techie person who just hates programming? Well, our FAQ chatbot is very friendly to people like you. Just develop a FAQ Bot without any hard-core coding skills.

So the great thing about this chatbot you don’t need any programming or technical skills.

That’s how chatbot increases the reply rate by its assistant all time. Let’s have look at in infographics below:

So, that’s how chatbots are important for us to enhance website conversions. Try out Botsify FAQ feature and experience services of chatbots within minutes…

So what are your thoughts about the FAQ feature and chatbots?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Are you interested in this FAQ feature to create a chatbot in minutes with Botsify…

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