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9 Best AI Tools for Live Chat Experience

Live chat has emerged as a real alternative to channels like email and phone for customer support. In a live chat, customers can get answers to their queries in real-time without having to wait for a reply on the email or be on hold on the phone. However, maintaining a live chat experience is not easy for businesses. According to a SuperOffice report, one in five live chats is ignored. Each chat opportunity missed costs your business in terms of revenue and brand reputation.

It is here that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) comes into the picture. With the use of AI, companies can now deploy chatbots that can execute human-like conversations and can be used at scale for both sales and support. The use of AI tools for live chat experience provides an ecosystem in which customers can get answers to their queries in real-time, and the complex queries can be transferred to human agents for resolution.

According to Forrester Research, around 73% of customers believe businesses can do the most important thing of valuing customers’ time by providing good customer service. The use of live chat AI tools are helping to provide resolutions to customer queries much faster, thereby increasing customer satisfaction scores.

Live chat AI

tools have become much more popular in the last decade, and there are multiple solutions in the market promising to provide the best live chat customer experience. With all the noise around, it is essential to have clarity about which are the best live chat tools for customer experience. 

First and foremost, you should be clear about your present state, your objectives for having a live chat, the resources that you may currently own, and the desired state. This would help you get clarity on where you are and where you want to be. By analyzing this scenario, you would be in a much better position to analyze the best available live chat AI tools in the market and make the right decision. 

What is a live chat AI tool?

A live chat AI tool is a program used within a website or mobile app that provides a human-like chat experience to the customers on your chat window. By using technologies like natural language processing and leveraging semantics, KM tools understand the context of the query and source the most relevant information from the Knowledge base. 

AI live chat tools are made in a way that they can resolve customer queries without any interference from a human agent. AI live chat tools are cost-effective and easy to scale. The typical function of a live chat AI tool is to answer the frequently asked questions and help users discover the right information in minimum time. 

How do you select the right AI tool for the live chat experience?

Selecting the right AI tool for building a live chat experience is critical to your success. 

There are a few factors that you should consider when selecting an AI tool for a live chat experience: 

  • Objective: It is important to have clarity about your objective: Are you looking for an AI chatbot to maximize sales? Or do you expect the AI tool to be placed at the high-tier support ladder? Answering some of these questions will provide clarity about your objective.
  • Features: Make a thorough comparison of the features offered by several AI tools. This would help you match your requirements.
  • Pricing: This one is a no-brainer. Apart from the features, make a thorough comparison of the prices being charged by the various AI tools.
  • Integrations: You may already have some existing infrastructure, do check the kind of integrations that are possible between tools. This would help to increase efficiency in your operations.

8 Best Live Chat AI Tools

Several live chat AI tools are available in the market. 

To make your choice easier, we have shortlisted the best ones that help you get to the end goal faster:

1. Reve Chat

Reve Chat is one of the most powerful AI live chat experience tools available in the market. It lets you simply add the messaging facility on your website and mobile app. The live chat experience using Reve Chat is much better because it lets you deliver instant support on messaging channels like Telegram, Facebook, Messenger, and Viber. Reve Chat provides a personalized live chat experience for the customer and is often used to drive sales conversations with ease using AI tools. Reve chat lets users connect to mediums like video, live chat, bots, and more.

2. Knowmax

Knowmax has built one of the most powerful AI tools for a live chat experience that can deliver a human-like experience. With NLP and other powerful technologies, Knowmax’s AI live chat knowledge management software provides smarter, better, and quicker resolutions. It can be customized in more than 12 global languages to speak the language of your customers. This one is also equally efficient for sales and support conversations.

3. Intercom

The chatbot developed by Intercom is known for its ability to deeply connect with your website visitors. The code-free mechanism to update workflows and faster resolutions for important queries makes it one of the best AI tools available in the market for a live chat experience. Intercom works effectively when it comes to converting your website visitors to leads by asking the right questions at the right time.

4. Botsify

Botsify is a live chat tool that aims to create more engagements and high conversions through your website. One of its unique features is its multilingual ability, where you can converse as a brand with your customers in 190+ languages. The live chat tool is capable of giving instant responses across various touchpoints on apps like Telegram. Whatsapp, Telegram, WordPress, and even SMS. Botsify provides contextual support in the most interactive way for customers and even allows you to track their journey for specific customer targeting.

5. Watson Assistant

Coming from the house of IBM, Watson Assistant is one of the most powerful AI tools that you can use for a live chat experience. It also offers a visual dialog editor so that you do not need to code your way to make changes. It comes pre-trained with content relevant to your industry and learns from the previous conversations. Watson Assistant can direct the customer to a human agent, provide answers from the knowledge base that exists, and ask questions for more clarity depending on the scenario.

6. Drift

Drift is an efficient AI tool for a live chat experience that helps in answering the most common customer questions in real-time. It is also widely used for improving lead quality and increasing sales productivity. With Drift on your side, you can automatically send qualified leads to your CRM platform. The platform is developed in a way that it recognizes returning customers and provides them with options based on their past behavior.

7. Chatbot

Chatbot is from the house of LiveChat and is most suitable for online businesses. It helps and provides possible options to customers at every step of their journey. You can simply integrate Chatbot with several other platforms and create a holistic ecosystem for your customers. You have the drag and drop builder to change the conversational elements as per your choice.

8. Ada

Ada is an easy-to-setup tool that uses AI for an efficient live-chat customer experience. You can customize much more than just FAQs with Ada on your side. It is known for its conversational tone that helps to increase customer satisfaction scores. Driven by technologies like machine learning, Ada learns from past conversations and provides the next best response instead of throwing an undesired ‘do not understand’ message. Ada can be used efficiently for both sales and support services and provides personalized content in over 100 languages. Ada also connects the user to the right department at the right time for better operational efficiency.

9. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is an AI technology developed by Salesforce to power many of its offerings like chatbot service and Service Cloud. It has been designed in a way that helps in solving customer queries with ease. With its intelligent conversational features, Salesforce Einstein derives insights from data and improves customer experience. 

The Last Word:

These are the top 8 AI tools that can be used for building a live chat experience. For a live chat customer experience to go as planned, you need to ensure that it is mapped to the customer journey and covers all possible pain points of the consumer. There are modern solutions like AI and machine learning that can be used to augment customer satisfaction. You should deploy the technological solution that best suits your business needs and objectives.

Live chat support should be engaging and interactive for customers. AI-embedded live chat support creates seamless customer experiences throughout their journey. Therefore, you need to select the right solution for all your CX challenges and elevate your customers’ experiences. 


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