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Ultimate Guide to Improve Student Engagement With AI

Looking for ways to improve student engagement and develop their knowledge absorbing techniques?

Let me tell you one thing,

No one has the perfect recipe that forms a solid strategy to engage students.

But it doesn’t require rocket science to make things better than they have always been.

A resourceful approach can be trying platforms like Writepaper, which provides tailored support to students in improving their writing and analytical skills. It offers a bridge between knowledge and its application, ensuring that students remain invested in their academic journeys.

Something as simple as online tutorials have become a major source of getting learning materials for the students.

Which kind of challenges educational institutes a little bit,

There is something lacking in your current learning strategy.

Student engagement is important and if you’re missing out on it, it’s high time you get your hands on this guide.

So the REAL question is — how do you engage your students?

Before discussing strategies let’s discuss a bit that— let’s discuss student engagement.

Basically, the term student engagement consists of two major components, the student’s psychological investment and efforts directed towards learning.

As we know, engaging students is necessary and many educational institutions are working on this strategy.

Source: WowNews

According to a survey -engaging students in the learning process improve their concentration and focus.

Ever Thought of Conversational AI Improving Student Engagement?


If not, then you better do

Conversational AI or in simpler words chatbots are becoming a new way of engaging students without much effort.

As a matter of fact, students are more likely to learn digitally, many universities are using a chatbot to streamline their communications with their digitally engaged students and many universities are providing digitized learning using chatbots.

Today chatbots are utilized in student interaction and collaboration and serve as a game-changer in the innovative ed-tech world.

The digital industry is developing quickly, so it’s high time to adopt artificial intelligence in the education sector.

Let’s have a look at the importance and FutureHold of AI chatbots in Students engagement

You must be thinking Is it important to use AI Chatbots for engaging your students?

Conversational AI is as important in the future also as nowadays, The developing intelligence industry is influencing the education sector to work intelligently, so in future AI is going to become a basic requirement.

So that’s why,

Many institutions are using chatbots as a complementary tool to give immediate answers to questions in a world where response time can really matter and prove as a good impression on students also…

And they are here to stay!

Here are some examples of top institutions that are using chatbots.

Georgia State University

During the academic year 2016-2017, Georgia State University implemented a chatbot.

The bot was designed to serve new students and guide them through their first semester of admission.

After the launch of the bot during Its first month, it had a 71% rate of engagement with new students, and approx. 3,000 students used the chatbot. Moreover, the chatbot was so effective in answering questions within seconds.

Source: GSU

Lancaster University

Recently Lancaster university has also launched AI chatbot for serving there students

Lancaster’s chatbot can answer questions about timetables, teachers, and courses. It also can suggest useful tips like where to find a free computer, etc

According to Chris Dixon, Lancaster University,

Every interaction with the chatbot could give direction on how to improve the platform more. I’m aware that some universities do not have the same development facilities. Perhaps in the future, we can sell what we’ve done to other universities.

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett university announced chatbot technology in 2017. Their main goal is to use a bot to assist prospective students to find the right course for them.

For them developing a chatbot was a real development in order to engage with our prospective students in a medium that’s universal, confidential, and easy

According to Andy Feltham, Filament AI,

[Chatbot tech is] still at that stage where people need to explore it for themselves to understand what its strengths and weaknesses are

Here is a working look of university’s Chatbot.

Source: Leeds Beckett University

There are many other institutions that have already deployed chatbots to engage their students and many universities are planning to in the future.

Dr. Ivan Mitchell, director of Edtech startup Studious told ET that.

We’re trying to generate a platform that can teach or give tutor support through the chatbot. If a student, for example, has a question about what transformational leadership is, we can provide them an answer, but we can then take them by various interactive learning paths, for example, to discuss various inquiries or evaluations or applications of the concept being studied.

Now I am going to list down ways AI chatbots can be used to revamp student engagement and help you outshine from the rest

Chabot Increasing Student Engagement – The Whats and Hows

To make things easier I have crafted this guide into the following sections:

First there are some tips on how a chatbot can help student engagement and improve learning. The following topics we are going to discuss briefly.

1- How to increase ease of learning in the online educational environment using a chatbot.

2- How to collect feedback from students using a chatbot.

3- How to educate students using conversational AI.

4- How to answer institutional and administration questions instantly.

And then we are going to see some of the other benefits of chatbots that have an effect on the overall environment of the student’s life such as.

1- Personalised environment.

2- Comfortable & confident environment.

3- It helps institutions & teachers learn about what students think about them.

4- It helps the institution answer the questions as quickly & as accurately possible at any time during the day [OR NIGHT].

So let’s get right into it!

1- AI Chatbots Provide Your Student Ease of Learning

AI chatbots can be used to teach the students by turning their lectures in a group of messages which make it look like a chat conversation so students can learn anywhere and anytime easily.

Sounds fun no??

But first, we have to integrate a chatbot to your institution’s website and make students interact with a chatbot so get their hands on it and when the time comes, can make use of it.

Pro tip: When you use a platform like Botsify, you are making your chatbot intelligent with constant use of machine learning so that it can deal with any type of student.

Wondering how?

Have a look at how chatbot is to be designed. Botsify can provide you an intelligent chatbot that can easily interact with your student.

That’s one of the gazillion ways we provide ease of learning – your prospective students can simply apply and study anywhere anytime.

2- No More Hustle Bustle to Collect Feedback.

Generally, most educational institutions use online or printed forms for gathering feedback from their students.

So, this process of feedback can become more engaging and authentic with AI chatbots.

So for feedback, an artificially intelligent bot communicates with students and asks questions like how the curriculum can be improved, what should be corrected, what is working properly and what should be changed.

This permits the students to describe themselves freely. The bot then examines the feedback,

compiles the same points discussed by most of the students, and sends it to the teachers.

Collecting feedback is also an important thing.

So for this in botsify educational AI chatbot

We have conversational forms feature that store data in a spreadsheet using spreadsheets you can find out the negative and positive ratios of feedback.

Take a look at how feedback can be stored in conversational forms:

3- Now Get Instant Help with Efficient Educational Assistants!

We are living in a generation where people hate to wait and which is why institutions have enabled such technology that allows students to get everything instantly.

So for this, we can use 24/7 available chatbots to assist students and make their interactions speedy, accurate and interesting student’s engagement towards the institute as they would feel they have a 24/7 help center available for them.

But to get the desired results, you have to train your chatbot and make it intelligent enough so that it has all the answers to the queries that it may come across.

A simple solution to this would be a feature in Botsify’s platform called quick replies. These button-like messages allow a user to simply select an option rather than typing relevant keywords or entire phrases.

Have a look at how your chatbot should look like:

4- Get Better Student Care and Up-to-date Institution’s Information

Did you know?

Providing complete information to the students and communicating with them from time-to-time is also a key factor in student engagement and for this, chatbots can offer immense value here.

Approx. 90% of students ask the same questions which chatbots already know.

We have These questions are more or less important information about faculty, courses, and modules. so you can create very detailed yet easy conversations flow in the bot.

But sometimes students can ask a unique question too.

Thus, we have to keep on updating the bot flows in order to maintain smooth interactions between bot and student.

However another question arises with this, how do we get to know about uniques questions that the chatbot fails to respond to?

Don’t worry Botsify has chatbot training feature within the platform.

This feature allows you to see all the failed queries that the chatbot couldn’t understand but stored for you to train later on.

Have a look:

You can view all unanswered questions in the chatbot training section, and teach already given answers in the flow or create new answers for your chatbot


Let’s take a moment here and look at some other benefits that have an effect on the overall environment of the student’s life.

?Chatbots Can be Personalized

You know what? the beauty of chatbots is that they can be as personalized as you think.

It doesn’t matter that students belong from any background. Students in different geographic sectors, different departments, and different levels of institutions communicate in different ways.

whether the student knows English as a first language or not, the chatbot can be transformed to fit for each and every student’s dynamics.

As a result, it becomes easy for the student to understand lectures within its personalized environment and also for the teacher to deliver lectures to individuals.

According to William Confalonieri the CIO at Deakins University.

The most promising opportunity to use this technology,” he says, “Is to support a much more personalized approach to on-campus services that still appeals to a large crowd. The system will also help lower the burden on stressed-out faculty, as they no longer have to explain the same things over and over to different students.”

Institutions that have students in countless majors can have individual chatbots that can be easily adjusted to communicate as effectively with physics students with a literature student.

Moreover, chatbot’s vocabulary and language command can be adjusted to suit a 10-year-old or a 40-year-old.

Chatbots can also be programmed to give more guidance to new users and as day passes and technology develops, chatbots are going to become more adaptive and self-learning.

?Provide a Comfortable and Confident Environment

Not every student is comfortable communicating in front of the entire class in council bodies.

Some get stressed just from the idea of asking a question or problem in front of their classmates while others get worried about what will the teacher going to say.

Students could either ask a problem with a trembling voice in front of their classmates and teacher or they could write an email and wait for hours or days for an answer.


A chatbot can step in and rescue.

Students can easily and anonymously ask whatever is bothering them and will know for sure that they will get the information they seek.

?Teachers Understand their Students More

Teachers have always heard what the most spoken students have to say. They are not aware of the numerous questions and struggles the rest of their students are suffering from.

With a chatbot, teachers can view the conversation that goes down between the bot and the student, allowing them to identify areas that they may have to focus more on in class.

Teachers and institutions get to know more about their students and their weaknesses as well so they can work on improving academic results together using better and easier communication with a chatbot.

?24/7 Guidance for Student

You can create a sequence of messages from a lecture, which makes learning easier and it’s available for the student 24/7 with Botsify.

The chatbot presents numerous topics before the students, which may occur in the form of text, pictures or video, or a mixture of all which can be easily accessible at any time.

Chatbot response time is very quick as compared to a human which automatically means your students will be able to grasp concepts faster

Have a look at this image showing how chatbot’s affect response time.

Source: Twitter

I guess now you probably understand chatbots a little better.

The future of chatbots in institutions is very bright.

However, chatbots won’t be replacing teachers any time soon, but they will take off much of the burden of these professionals, allowing them to give themselves fully to teaching and developing fun and interactive learning materials for the students.

Plus deploying chatbots to an institute’s website will make it easy for the marketing and admissions departments to handle the enormous traffic that arrives at their hands.

Want to get your hands on a chatbot for student engagement?

Choose the coolest chatbot for you

There are many chatbot building platforms in the market nowadays. However, getting the most appropriate and accurate chatbot for you is important.

Botsify’s chatbot for Education is suits all your needs

Not only helps students learn faster and easier but also helps teachers to get assistance in the queries, evaluation, grading, and student feedback collection.

Look how Botsify’s chatbot is working:

AI Chatbots are designed to engage students with various media to take a rest from heavy text-based messages and experience some graphically pleasing learning content.

We need to understand chatbot will be an essential part of education in the future.

What are your thoughts on chatbots?

Let us know in the comments below.

In case you want to work with us and fly your business in a few months book a free demo meeting with us.

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