How to Improve Social Customer Support for new Startups

Customer support cost is a huge amount for new startups. As they are starting their business and they do not have much profit in starting. But they need perfect customer support otherwise their new business will not be able to compete in this online world. Social Media Automation can help them in achieving their goals without spending much money on Customer support agents. Let’s find out how? 

Initial Condition And Flows Of Startups

Whether it’s a tech startup, a small business, or a large company, starting a new business has always been a risky idea. According to the formula adopted decades ago, you create a business plan, present it to investors, form a team, present your product and start selling as much as possible. And there’s a chance it will fail fatally somewhere in this series of events. A new study by Shikhar Ghosh at Harvard Business School found that 71% of all new businesses fail due to old flows use.

Source: Neilpatel

After seeing thousands of new businesses following this process for decades, we now have at least three things to learn.

Initial Flow’s Drawbacks

Previously, initial growth was limited to a certain pattern that causes loss at different points in business. Here are some Drawbacks of the initial Flow of marketing.

Resources a New Startup needs

Starting a business can be difficult, but many start a successful business every year. Successful people tend to spend a lot of time raising capital, researching the market, and developing realistic business plans before starting a new business. Of course, careful preparation is not a full guarantee of success, but it can significantly improve your chances. Think about your resources and be prepared to face the challenges you will face.

The resources required to start a business can be divided into four categories: finance, human, education, and physical.

Financial resources (funds)

Securing funding, with the assistance of Funding software, is the most critical factor when launching a business.Funding is the most important factor when starting a business. Even the simplest home business has a lot of upfront costs, including registering a trademark, obtaining a phone number, and printing a business card.

Financial resources can come from a variety of sources, the simplest of which is the personal account of the founder of the company. Or, financial institutions, friends and family, private investors, and even the U.S. government can provide loans and credit lines. Besides, entrepreneurs of all demographics and personal categories receive a variety of contributions from private and public sources.

Human Resources

An organization’s success largely depends on the talent and strength of its employees. Hiring experienced professionals with competence in the field will enable you to efficiently and competently carry out your company’s missions and goals. Strong team members can be recruited in several ways. Leading recruitment agencies and search companies specialize in placing talent at all levels in all industries. Another option is to search for employees through referrals from someone you trust.

Education Resource (Industry Information)

The best thing an entrepreneur can do when starting a new business is to get as much education as possible. Understanding the competition and gaining detailed knowledge of the industry can help you make smarter decisions about your focus. Training resources are available to those industries, local chambers of commerce, and specialized industry organizations with a focus on the Small and Medium Business Department.

Physical resource (premises and equipment)

Whether it’s a small home business or a multi-branch retail business, every organization must have adequate physical resources to survive. This includes suitable workplaces, active telephone lines, appropriate information systems, and effective marketing materials. This aspect of your business plan can be one of the most costly. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to realistically evaluate their needs before buying anything.

Why and How to Improve Social Customer Support for new Startups?

Why include social customer support in your business plans? It’s that simple. People want brands to provide social support to their customers. And making customers happy is the key to customer service.

Here are some statistics demonstrating the importance of providing customer service solutions on social media.

Customers expect social customer service

Clients expect a quick response (not always)

Social customer support builds customer trust and loyalty.

Improving Customer Support by using Social Media

Choosing the right  Social Media Network

Social media has grown rapidly since Facebook was announced in 2012, and there are thousands of networks dedicated to everything from connecting old classmates to social activities. If so, how can I improve the options I need with all these options? BuzzVoice and other experts recommend joining the four most popular, and choosing the right one depends on your audience (and their location) and your goals.

Save time with Social Media

Social media campaigns take a long time. To do this, the digital marketing team must be active and consistent in attracting customers to the company. The best way to find time to achieve all your social media is to use social media automation.

It offers the following options:

With these options, you can use your time and your entire time.

Improve Engagement

Social media Support saves time and helps eliminate replacements, so you can use this new bandwidth to be more productive and interactive. Here’s all you can do in your business:

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Social Media Automation a Cost-Cutting Customer Support

If you choose to automate social media customer support, you’ll soon notice the benefits. The solutions described above can help you optimize your process and make the most of your team’s time and other resources. Just automating social media can save you a lot of time and money.

Source: Instapage

Here’s how:


How Bots can be used in Social Media Automation?

Chatbots can act as your company’s brand ambassadors or customer service agents. It can also be a vendor that gives you access to an unlimited number of users at once. As chatbot technology continues to become more sophisticated, there are more ways to take advantage of it.

Here’s how to use Chatbot automation to enhance your social media experience.

Employ Autoresponders

One of the ways to use chatbot automation in your social media strategy is to use autoresponders. Autoresponder is a chatbot that automatically responds to Facebook messages and comments regardless of user input. This means that the bot displays the same response on every comment or post.

Address Customer Inquiry

One of the most effective ways to benefit from healing is by using it on social media as customer service. A well-programmed chatbot should be simple and able to answer frequently asked questions. But even more, complex customer queries need to be handled efficiently.

Creating a personal experience

Strictly speaking, chatbots are robots, but that doesn’t mean you have to behave this way. Regardless of the industry, our customers value interpersonal communication and personal contact. Research shows that 80% of customers are more likely to buy from brands that offer a personalized experience.


When you think of chatbots, you usually associate them with helping customers. However, what is often overlooked is the value it provides when collecting customer reviews. Every conversation a social media user has with a bot is worthwhile. You can learn a lot about customer preferences, complaints, and areas of business that need improvement.

Results a New Startup can Generate with Bot SM Automation

In online marketing, the goal of artificial intelligence and social media robots is not to completely replace human interaction, but to help entrepreneurs and marketers communicate more effectively with their customers.


You can use social bots as assistants in fields like retail, travel, entertainment, and even healthcare and finance. Bots can help expand your social media site by providing real-time customer support and simplifying the shopping experience.

So, social media bots can accelerate the growth of social media websites in the following ways:



Bots can be integrated with email marketing services to support campaigns, drive traffic to your website, and deliver personalized content to users. You can use it to resell, cross-sell your product, and increase conversions. According to a new Retale study, 60% of millennials said they were already using chatbots, and 71% said they would try big brand chatbots. To grow your business, you have to go where people are. Now I’m in the messaging software.

Second, instant messaging (even if you’re using a chatbot) allows you to interact more closely with your customers. As mentioned earlier, chatbots allow your company to answer customer questions at any time of the day, not just during working hours. Chatbots give customers a better opportunity to interact with your brand. Essentially, chatbots provide a simple, rational, and responsive way to help customers throughout the purchase cycle by providing appropriate responses to purchase inquiries.

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Botsify Social Media Automation Chatbot for Achieving your MileStones

Botsify chatbots are Fast Responding to Engage Your Audience. Enjoy a real-time solution with Facebook Messenger, which makes it easy to create chatbots. Botsify does not require any programming information and is relatively easy to configure. With Botsify-a simple drag and drop template builder, you don’t have to worry about developer skills.

So, if you are interested in a chatbot for your social media and want a complete platform. There are good platforms out there that can provide you with a complete chatbot. A chatbot with all the features you need can easily handle all your customer support systems and cut down your enough cost.

Here are some great features integrated with the Botsify SM chatbot to promote your business:

Comment Automation Time Saving Feature 

Proactive message management eliminates the need to send messages in real-time. Additionally, companies often publish multiple times a day on different platforms, depending on when it’s best to post on social media. Social media automation tools like Botsify Comment Automation can help with hard work. Attention automation allows you to automatically respond to comments on posts.

Enhance your Experience with Multilingual features

Multilingual chatbots help you reach all of these customers. It can communicate with multilingual features in all languages. Multilingual chatbots can increase customer diversity by allowing you to chat with e-commerce companies using chatbots from people of different languages ​​and cultures.

So, Botsify offers a great feature called a multilingual chatbot. With this feature, your chatbot can speak 190+ languages ​​to impress your visitors and convert them into leads.

Easily Collect Data using Conversational Forms

Conversational forms give you more opportunities to decide what you need to do to attract new leaders. Create form fields to collect name, email, location, phone number, geocoding, and more. The Botsify online chatbot can use API integration to verify that the user who entered the information is correct, location, contact, or personal authentication.

We can also collect data in Google Sheets to log all visitors for future contact. great…

In a NutShell

Automating Social Media can yield extreme and fast results and many benefits. Examples include savings on staff, saving time, staying online 24/7, more leads, more customers, and more.

When it comes to automation, a chatbot is the best tool to Automate your services. We hope it helps you automate your social media. In my opinion, Botsify is a complete automation platform for Social Media.

With Botsify, you can easily automate the comment section to automate the mail section, and the automated chatbot can automate the messenger and response sections. You can also get a complete report of your automated messages and interactions with your chatbot.



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