How Do We Reach the Lowest Cost-Per-Lead With Our Student-Friendly Chatbot

There are countless articles on the web about lead generation and marketing strategies. Unfortunately, a majority of them are based on broad categorizations, not pointed strategies that would work specifically for your business. 

It would be only fair to agree that a real-world example would prove to be a lot more helpful. So here is an account of how an educational writing platform managed to accomplish the lowest cost-per-lead with the chatbot-driven strategy. 

You can be certain that these steps, with a bit of adjustment to suit your niche, would work for your brand too. Without further ado. 

The Background 

As far as academic assignments go, essay writing is considered to be one of the minor tasks. The current educational system is built on the assumption that every student is capable of drafting an essay. It is supposed that anyone can clearly present thoughts and understanding of any concept without excess effort. 

However, for a majority of students, writing assignments are often the main cause of academic stress. 

In a study published in the Journal of Technology and Science Education on students’ perception of their ability to write essays, the author discusses how writing is ubiquitous, not subject to guidelines and instructions. 

It is thus necessary to acknowledge that students often find writing essays rather strenuous. This implicit stress is the reason many youngsters turn to different platforms. As a custom dissertation writing service with a decade of experience, EssayPro addresses the requirements of students who find it challenging to meet the requirements.


Step 1- Identifying Chatbots as the Most Effective Tool for Offering the Best Customer Experience 

EssayPro recognizes the expectations of every student and strives to ensure that every student has access to an immediate and satisfactory customer support. 

However, the prospect of having to call a professional or wait in line is not a workable option for every student, especially when one is under duress to meet deadlines. In fact, 56% of customers prefer using chat boxes rather than call client support. 

Using chatbots presented as the ideal solution to offer users the best customer experiences. These bots can help to identify prospective clients, explore their interest in our services. The information gathered this way has contributed tremendously to cultivating a relationship with future customers. 

Step 2 – Customizing Chatbots for Student Interaction

The next phase was to understand how chatbots could be tailored to students and their essay writing requirements. Integrating chatbots into every landing page was the first step in recommended in every PPC marketing strategy

As soon as a user lands on our website, a chat box is ready to greet and offer them any clarifications. Using a conversational pattern of interaction helped to ensure that the chatbots offer a seamless experience. 

Research on the target audience, in this case, the student community proved to be of the most advantage. Building a knowledge base for a chatbot is critical from the perspective of providing customer support. Virtual assistants should be suited to understand the local slang used by learners and respond accordingly. This would also depend on the age and academic level of each user. 

By creating a database of abbreviations, academic terms, and jargon, chatbots can be customized to offer effective and efficient responses. Additionally, the bots were also equipped to anticipate the requirements and provide responses to questions our customers might pose. 

Step 3 – Increasing Student Engagement 

Conversational AI had proved to be a valuable asset for increasing student engagement. When a customer reaches out for help, the chatbots are ready to provide an instant relevant response. This chatbot messaging strategy added a more personal appeal, often succeeding in creating an impression of communicating with humans. 

Implementing multi-channel servicing through social media, and chatbots, the improved customer experience was further led to improved customer engagement.

Today, 75% of customers find self-servicing as the most convenient way of customer service. Our chatbots also offer the option of self-service, wherein customers can search for information anywhere on the website or from their previous queries.

By focusing on a fixed and narrow objective of managing expectations, we developed a bot that would improve the experience as well as offer an engaging communication with the clients. 

Happier clients also meant better engagement. 

Consequently, this strategy also helped in gathering client information. 

Step 4 – Using Chatbots for Lead Generation 

Chatbot marketing is expected to grow to USD 9.7 billion by 2024. For any business, it is high time to optimize chatbots as a marketing strategy for lead nurturing. to the greatest advantage. When customers use our chatbot, they enter i conversational mode. 

Meanwhile, our chatbot collects relevant information from them, which can work as an active lead generation. For instance, as you can see from the images below, the customer is requested to provide an email address to receive more information regarding the query. 

With this technique, every potential customer who uses chatbot instantly becomes a lead in the contact database. We can further send follow-up messages, emails, exclusive offers, and be re-marketed to the customer lifecycle funnel. 

Additionally, the chatbots also include a “search” option, that redirects customers to the previous conversations. Their search patterns also helped to identify the most used keywords that students search for. 

Not only were we able to generate leads but we could also receive valuable insight into potential search queries, and using them to convert into qualified leads. 

The Bottom Line

In an industry where the average cost-per-lead is estimated to be $66, implementing a student-friendly chatbot allowed us to reduce the per lead rate to the lowest we ever had. 

This effective strategy has also resulted in a substantial decrease in the bounce rate and achieving the best ROI to date. In essence, chatbots are the ultimate sales rep that works in favor of our marketing as well as offers great customer experience to every client.


  • The article is written by Jeremy Williams, a passionate writer who covers education and marketing. Jeremy works with Essaypro writing service a resource that employs the best essay writers and connects talented authors with students from all over the world to help them develop better writing skills.

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