How Uberoom Reduced Its Customer Support Wait Time With Website Chatbot

Uberoom is a decoration service for hotel and vacation rentals. The company offers hotel room decorations all across Canada and the United States.

The Texas-based company is a renowned decorative service provider that you can easily book through their website, once you have made your reservations.

Since the company is very well-received at the customer end, the number of queries they receive from new customers and people interested in general is increasing every day.

And as a solution to this, Uberoom decided to opt for a chatbot for the website to ease out their customer support and fasten the wait time.

Which they successfully did by saving up to 67,936 hours of customer wait time!

Uberoom Services:

Uberoom widely provide decorative services for hotel rooms and other rental rooms but for residential purposes, they only offer decorative items to be shipped to the doorstep for a D.I.Y decoration of any occasion being celebrated at home.

The decoration service company can help you out with these occasions:

1. Honeymoon and other romantic occasions
2. Bachelorette
3. Girls Night
4. Birthday
5. Golf room
6. Pet Travel

Purpose of Chatbot:

Managing to provide a service across 2 countries is not an easy task. While keeping track of customer bookings and successful deliveries and payments, it gets difficult to stay on top of the customer support game all by themselves.

No matter how many support agents they would hire, with such a huge customer base, responding to every customer right then and there is humanly impossible.

The main purposes of integrating their website with our chatbot are to:

  • Help people choose the right package for their requirements
  • Respond to customer queries faster, increasing customer retention
  • Reduce customer support wait time to avoid visitors from leaving the page
  • Provide quick resolution to customer queries
  • Help them out with pricing and booking updates
  • Explain how their service works

Chatbot Flow:

As soon as a visitor decided to chat with the botsify enabled chatbot, it sends them a greeting message and asks what they need help with

For example, you have made your reservations and now you want your decorations to be booked.

The chatbot will provide information on how it will be done and what the customer has to do.

And in case a visitor wants to know how it works, the chatbot will provide them a guide to give them a better idea.

If you inquire about the available packages, the bot will provide a list of all currently available ones and asks which one will you be interested in.

In case a customer hasn’t yet made a reservation and inquires about the procedure:

Some more frequently asked questions:

Lastly, if a visitor wants to talk to a human agent or the manager:


    • Looking at past one year data, Uberoom has thus far saved 67,936 hours off of their customer wait time. Which has greatly increased customer satisfaction rate for them!
    • As for the support team working hours, our chatbot has helped them save 1712 hours in total.

    • Our chatbot has helped them send more than 135000 messages so far

    • And has received more than 92000 messages through the chatbot

    • Has decreased the average response time to each message and each visitor to less than 30 minutes

    • The chatbot has a daily send rate of 40+ messages and receives around 25-30 messages every day.

Try the Uberoom Bot here: https://www.uberoom.com/


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