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5 Benefits Of Using Telegram Bot

Telegram Bots, which were first introduced in 2015, are third-party chat programs built using the Telegram Bot API. Telegram bots are automated Telegram accounts that you can talk with or add to your chats, groups, or channels as friends.

Telegram allows users to develop Telegram Bots for pretty much anything, unlike other chat apps like WhatsApp and Kakao, which have stringent limitations on what users may create. You may now simply develop a plethora of useful Telegram bots.

Bots can be used to play music, send emails, coordinate tasks, set reminders, and even operate as a digital storefront. There are bots available to fulfill practically every demand you can think of. Is Telegram Bots safe? This is a popular question.

Is Using Telegram Safe For Your Business?

Telegram is recognized for its end-to-end encryption utilizing MTProto, however, researchers discovered that Telegram Bots use Transport Layer Security, which is a less secure protocol. The encryption is weakened by the addition of a Telegram Bot, making it more vulnerable to hackers.

Telegram, on the other hand, has rejected reports about its security issue, claiming that it is just another case of I could get into your house if I had your keys. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Telegram Chatbots?

This indicates that a large number of people have already joined Telegram and that the number of users is fast growing.

Because there are so many individuals on the platform, it’s very possible that your consumers will be there as well. And you must be where your customers are.

So, now that you know why you should use Telegram, how about a chatbot?

Here are some of the important points:

  1. You can save money and time by outsourcing customer service
  2. It has the potential to increase your sales
  3. You may respond in seconds rather than days with a chatbot
  4. Your chatbot is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all around the world
  5. People are willing to use chatbots if they receive adequate assistance

Apart from that, Telegram has a few advantages over other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp both have rigorous chatbot limitations, such as a 24-hour window. There are no such rules (yet) with Telegram, which is a great advantage! Telegram also allows you to employ chatbots in groups, something Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp do not allow.

Why Must Businesses Opt For Telegram Bot?

The following are the top reasons due to which businesses are compelled to opt for a telegram bot. 

1. It’s Completely Free:

Telegram is a free and open-source platform, which implies that anyone can use its API and code. Creating a chatbot is also free as a result of this. There are free Telegram bot creators available to assist you in developing and deploying your bot. Telegram bots can assist you and your business in obtaining new consumers by utilizing its free features.

2. Improved Participation:

If your client base is active on Telegram, having a Telegram bot can be an amazing asset for interaction if you are a business or brand. Telegram bots can give users incredibly engaging chats with bots in Telegram. Animated emoticons, stickers, and gifs can be used by Telegram bots.

Apart from marketing, some businesses require round-the-clock customer care, so they can construct a Telegram chatbot or a customer support staff to reply to consumer queries nearly quickly. This can assist firms in maintaining stronger client engagement.

3. It Is Safe:

From time to time, we all hear about data breaches involving practically every social networking application. Telegram bots occasionally collect data from users in order to offer the most appropriate response possible, and when personal data is involved, many people become nervous. Telegram, on the other hand, is a very secure program because of the added benefits of data encryption, security, and privacy.

The same is true for Telegram bots, which means that every message exchange between the user and the Telegram bot is encrypted end-to-end. Only the sender and receiver have access to the messages when they use the pair-to-pair security protocol. These two are, in the instance of the telegram bot, the user, and the telegram bot itself.

4. Availability:

The Telegram messenger is available on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows phones, as well as Mac, Linux, and Windows desktop versions. It also comes with a web version, which allows you to target your prospects on a larger scale.

Because the Telegram bot is not a real human user, it has no limits such as the inability to function 24 hours a day, errors, message delays, and so on. As a result, your company is always in operation. Telegram bots can help you get a higher conversion rate because of these benefits.

Build Your Telegram Bot

Build an automated chat solution to ease your customers

Hospitality Industry: Orientation To Ontario 

Companies like Orientation to Ontario are providing useful, individualized support throughout the booking process; a chatbot can help raise the number of bookings booked and minimize the number of bookings that are interrupted halfway through. Customers can ask the chatbot questions and request information, and the chatbot can also motivate them to progress.

Chatbots can also be employed at the start of the booking process to learn about what a user is looking for, how much money they want to spend, and so on, before offering intelligent recommendations.

The following are the results that have been achieved so far: 

How To Group 200,000 People/Channels And Elevate Business With Telegram Chatbot?

Telegram is for everyone who wishes to send and receive messages and calls in a secure and timely manner. Mentions, responses, and hashtags are all supported on the platform. It aids in the maintenance of order and the efficient communication of big communities.

1. Interaction With The Existing And Potential Clients:

Interacting with customers is one of the most time-consuming tasks for most businesses. Answering inquiries is an important aspect of customer service. You must also be able to deal with requests that arise during the course of your employment. A Telegram bot can be used to establish a “knowledge warehouse.” This knowledge base can provide answers to your clients’ frequently asked questions. It’s something a robot can do better than you ever could.

2. To Engage Users:

Users are encouraged to participate in brand promotions using Telegram bots. You can request that they take selfies near your store, in your café, or with your merchandise. For a reward, they can shoot images on social media and send them back to you. It’s almost as effective as traditional radio or television advertising, and it’s nearly free. They’re enjoyable and simple to do, and customers enjoy them since they can earn a prize at the end.

3. Obtaining Leads:

Bots assist you in eliminating forms from your website. They allow you to have conversations with your customers. It’s an excellent tool for generating qualified leads for your company.

It may be used on the web and in mobile apps without requiring any code. It provides excellent insight into products like HubSpot and Slack, which you may already use. Free and low-cost premium options are available. Most small and midsize businesses can benefit from bots.

4. Improving Customer Service:

Human representatives are more expensive and inefficient than chatbots. Customers are eager to engage in conversation with them. These bots have lengthy discussions with each other. Text is their major means of communication, but they also use rich content like graphics. Rich content is valuable since it allows businesses to highlight their products. Telegram also has a large user base of 200 million people.

5. Obtaining Instant User Feedback:

Customers can also contact you via Telegram bots. This feature provides useful data to aid in the development of your Telegram business model. All you have to do is ask your customer for input on a new product or service.

Phone calls are expensive, and they irritate people when they are made at inappropriate times. Customers hardly ever read their mail. Messages are an excellent way to communicate.

How To Build A Telegram Bot With Us?

Here is how you can build the telegram bot with Botsify bot with ease! Just follow the steps and get your telegram bot active.

Step 1: Visit The BotFather Bot In Telegram To Create A New Bot

The first step is to visit the BotFather bot in the telegram in order to create a new bot. This is the first and foremost important step in order to create the best possible bot.

Step 2: Create A New Telegram Bot

To create a new Telegram Bot, send the command “/newbot”.


Step 3: Specify A Bot Name

Next up is to name your bot, the most possible name that reflects your industry or at least bot type. Here I have an example of “ Digital Splash”


Step 4: Specify A Username

Give your bot a specific username, in order to distinguish it from other bots. 

Step 5: Share The Access Token With Botsify

Telegram Bot is created and confirmed by BotFather. Copy the bot name and access token to add in Botsify Telegram settings.

Step 6: Fill Out The Form

Next up is to fill the form with all details such as; access token, company name, and phone number. At last, submit it and there you go your bot is active.

Is Your Industry Using Telegram Chatbot?

Telegram bot is a third-party program that does certain tasks in response to specific commands. As a result, it can assist firms that need to carry out a repetitive engagement process or specialized repetitive duties. A telegram bot, for example, can assist collect leads, provide customer service, send newsletters to existing clients, display portfolios, manage marketing campaigns, and automate some interactions.

1. E-Commerce:

Telegram’s 500 million monthly active users (MAU) can help you create an instant e-store where customers can instantly find offers, products, and services, and purchase them right away. By sending regular updates through SMS, you may provide customers with an exceptional purchasing trip from order placement to delivery. For example, consider Amazon’s search and pricing bot, which assists users with finding the best price and product for their needs.

2. Healthcare:

You may provide timely support and medical aid to patients at their convenience using a Telegram bot. For example, you can function as a virtual doctor, scheduling visits and providing follow-ups in a timely and efficient manner. As a result, it will assist them in organizing pathways, contacting appropriate doctors, and much more.

For example, by using bots that answer questions related to crowns and veneers, provide educational material about the procedure, its potential risks, including Turkey teeth, as well as the costs associated with each treatment option.

3. Travel and Hospitality:

What better location to put a bot for travel and hospitality than in a messaging app where people make trip plans? When you are not present to interact with the inquiries, you may utilize your Telegram bot to function as a travel agent on behalf of your company. It will assist clients in obtaining the appropriate package and information about various locations.

You may also assist them in planning the ideal holiday based on their budget and other preferences. You can suggest some out-of-the-box trekking trips to them that will be referred to climbing the highest peaks of the mountain area. Planning the best walking holidays in Switzerland might be one of the most unforgettable adventures for them. A telegram bot can respond to their questions and provide information such as reservations, cancellation restrictions, and more. Several studies have also demonstrated that reducing conversion processes can considerably improve conversion rates.

Build Your Telegram Bot

Build an automated chat solution to ease your customers


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