An interview with Software developer & Blockchain Architect at EY, Aminadav Glickshtein

In this educational post, we are going to learn more about AI technology and chatbots. So, we have many individuals who are ambitious and passionate to speak and share knowledge about their experience. Here we go!

Finally, we got a chance to come across a techie person who was struggling when he was 8. From a very young age, he learned computer coding and since then his process of learning is still going on. He has been a bibliophile since a very young age. But interestingly, when he was 15, he built many products from idea to distribution and monetization. (That’s ah-mah-zing).

Meet him, the most proficient and upbeat Aminadav Glickshtein–a Manager. Hire Full-stack Developer. Block-chain Security “hands-on” Architect at EY. Aminadav executed multiple projects and worked with leading organizations. His victories are still going on. His expertise lies in different technical domains and programming languages. (E.g. JavaScript & NodeJS, Go, Python, PHP, Java, VBA).

Moreover, he always searches for  technical solutions to any challenge to make things better and easiest by the help of AI and machine learning. Aminadav is self-taught and His never-ending research makes him curious about technology. He found opportunities to learn from a single paper or even from every person. 

Let’s dive in and know more about him and his work.

Botsify: Hello Aminadav, we’re all really excited to have you here today. Tell us something about your career, how you start with Block-chain and AI, and what complications and hurdles you faced while developing your career?

Aminadav: Let’s make the long story short. At the age of 7, I had a dream to build a computer on my own. It was not as simple as today. On every card and hard-disk, there were small jumpers that you needed to know precisely how to connect them. It’s like a way of encoding instructions for the cards to not have conflicts with each other. It was very complicated. Don’t ask me how, but I exploded my pc. Literally, smoke in all the whose, the electricity goes down. My father, instead of being angry, he supported me. I continued to do hardware and software experiments. At the age of 9, I used Qbasic to develop software for my school. It had a phone book, a homework manager, a small game, and some more features.

Let skip 15 years of full-stack development. Six years ago, I found that everyone around me is speaking about the Blockchain, and I was interested to learn what it is. In my nature, I can’t have the feeling of understanding something before I deep dive and understand it in all the details until I can develop one by myself. I started to learn about Bitcoin, smart contracts, Zero-knowledge proof, and many more subjects. I built algo-trading bots, developed a secure exchange. I found vulnerabilities in smart contracts (and reported them).

You also asked about AI. I started when I was the CTO of GiftWizard. We had to develop an engine to recommend users what gifts to buy for their family & friends. We had a massive amount of data, and the app needed to give the best recommendation for each buyer. It was based on Facebook likes & comments, and previous purchases.

Botsify: We have seen in your profile that you have developed many technical products and we are really very interested to know about these products. Tell us more in detail about those products?

Aminadav: I’m an entrepreneur. I had products that downloaded millions of times, but for this blog, I would like to focus on a small chatbot I developed. The reason is that this chatbot was the first app that I switched to chatbot technology. I found that users much better like it. No learning-curve no support. So easy to use.

I created a chatbot to manage double parking spots. In short, every driver tells the chatbots where he parked, and if you blocked someone and he needs to exit before you, that chatbot will ask you to move your car. So simple, and a lot of people are using it daily. No registration, no download, it’s working directly from WhatsApp.

Botsify: Before moving forward to know more about your technical specialties and views let’s talk a little bit about your favoritism So, What is your favorite destination? Do you want to work in that place, or have you set up your mind that this is the dream destination where you work calmly and gain much profit?

Aminadav: My dream is to sit in a lone-island surrounded by the ocean, and play with my children. At the same time, my own chatbot is replying to people, advising them, helping them, developing, and doing all my work. 

Until the chatbot will be ready, I’m trying to develop and create technology that connects people. 

Success comes from creating a masterpiece every day. No one cared that Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling for four years in such an awkward position it permanently damaged his health.” – That’s a quote from an article called “Success is Living Like Your Cat”. 

Botsify: So among all the struggles, there is a game-changing masterpiece. So what is your masterpiece product which makes you successful among all other full-stack developers?

Aminadav: When I was 11 years old, I wanted to learn JavaScript. I didn’t speak English at all, anyway, I printed the full documentation (from MSDN) of the JavaScript language, in my father’s office. And I learned it slowly-slowly page-by-page, using a Hebrew-English dictionary. I learned JavaScript and English at the same time. Since then, every new thing I would like to learn, before reading articles, or books, before watching tutorials, I’m starting with the full documentation and force myself to understand everything. I believe that my wish to understand things deeply, helping me today to debug and find better solutions.

Botsify: As we have gone through your profile you belong to a perfect technical background so can you please share a little bit of knowledge with us regarding artificial intelligence? How important is artificial intelligence in today’s world?

Aminadav: Today, we can say that our own lives are dependent on AI. When you are crossing the road, and a car is stopped, there is a high chance that the driver was in the middle of writing SMS, and he didn’t notice you by himself. So why did he stop? Because he has MobilEye, an AI system that sees you, and it alerts him. 

The truth is, almost every app can be more usable and smarter by using AI technology. Even a calculator. The app can learn about the users what each one needs, and to show him the best interface for him to accomplish his tasks.

Botsify: And one more question connected with the above questions popping up in my mind is that share some views about Future use and importance of artificial intelligence, and also share some AI products you like really much and want to acquire them in life?

Aminadav: It sounds strange, but I believe that people who don’t like to use technology nor install apps, or buying the newest gadget, will be the first one who would like to use AI. For using a chatbot, you don’t need to be smart, the chatbot needs to be smart. The user doesn’t need to install anything, just tell the bot what he needs. I’m sure that most of the apps we see today will be replaced with AI chatbots.

Botsify: You know what? If it comes to discussing artificial intelligence chatbot is the first AI tool popup in my mind, What are your thoughts about this AI tool? Chatbots are trending worldwide to automate customer support and products like Botsify are providing ease for everyone. What do you think businesses should consider Chatbots as a perfect virtual assistant in this sadly pandemic situation?

Aminadav: It’s an excellent question. I can answer from many perspectives. But let’s take one. Using AI chatbots solutions like Botsify, it’s much cheaper than hiring real customer support agents. Today many SMB can’t pay for employees so that Chatbots can help them in support for their end-users

Botsify: We know that you are a brilliant developer so you can answer this question perfectly If you want to develop a chatbot list the new feature you wanted to add in chatbots?

Aminadav: If I was a product manager of Google Assistant or Facebook Messenger, the first feature I will add is autocomplete. To help the users writing test messages to the bot. Sometimes, e.g., I need to know what the user’s address is or where he parked. I want that my users will be able to type, and I will give them instant results to choose from, like in Google search. 

In Facebook and Telegram, you have quick replies. That the users can choose, but auto-complete can give the user the option to select from a huge amount of possibilities, and help him to interact with the chatbot.

Botsify: As we already know you are a successful developer so tell us a little bit of your success story and achievements and also Quote your favorite thoughts that match a successful business insider that appeals to you so much.

Aminadav: I extremely took the Agile product development methodology. Every app that you will ask me to develop, probably I will develop the first draft version (Proof of concept)  in one day. 

Most of the people and usually stakeholders have no idea what they exactly need. Presentations, documents, meetings, customer surveys – doesn’t help. Only when they see a real app, that is working on the web, or on their mobile phone, they start to understand what to ask for. So it’s useless to talk too much about specifications, requirements, and technology. First, to create a POC, get feedback, fix, improve, change, and every day to release something. Don’t plan too much.

Of course, this can work better,  for someone who has enough experience with all areas of technology, he knows to do good refactoring, using the micro-services practice, and have an end-to-end developing experience.

Botsify: Finally last but not the least As you already know Botsify is an AI chatbot making platform What is your opinion about Botsify? We would love to have your feedback.

Aminadav: Botsify is an excellent product. Let’s focus on one important thing I found you have Integrate a chatbot into a website. There are many solutions for a chat on a website, or for creating chatbots for social media. But your service can give the users the option to create one bot, and use it on the website, and connect it to social media. I think it can be precious to the users.

Thank you so much for giving us your precious time. You even inspired our readers with your informative words and with your experience. 


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