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9 Ways The Artificial Intelligence Can Help Improve Recruitment Agencies

AI can be applied to any process that requires self-adapting algorithms that process large amounts of data to detect patterns, trends, and inconsistencies in decision making and prediction. With the amount of data around the world doubling every two years, people cannot do without the help of such technology. Since HR now collects and processes candidate data from multiple data points (CV, rating, bulletin board, etc.), there is no better area for AI to apply than recruitment. Recruitment agencies can work with AI in a collaborative environment, use technology to quickly find and analyze candidates and their skills, and leverage their expertise to better understand their role requirements and recruit the best candidates for their organization. 

The HR Recruitment Process Before AI

Classified Advertising

Bulletin boards are the classic way to hire employers for job postings in your company. This is an easy way to let your employer know that they are hiring you. The effectiveness of the bulletin board may be limited. Many qualified job seekers will not see ads because they are happy with their current job and are not looking for a job. Even if there is a problem, classified ads can reduce discrimination claims in hiring by inviting a variety of applicants.

Network Building

A good manager develops a network of people over time and uses these relationships to help you find good employees. Business partners may know someone in the network who knows someone else who can get more attractive offers without finding a job. Current employees are also a source of great leaders. In most cases, they don’t want to work with low-quality employees. Customers can also be a source of workforce needs.


Hiring managers should arrange interviews with people they want to know more about. These interviews are traditionally conducted in the manager’s workplace, where candidates are dressed to impress the interviewer. Managers usually prepare interview questions to better understand the candidate. A good manager is also interested in the questions the candidate asks. Interviews usually end with a handshake, and if the headteacher is interested, an appointment is made for a second interview or job offer. Recruiters are also interviewing candidates utilizing video interviewing software like Ducknowl due to the rise in remote work.


Traditional selection methods are highly dependent on the candidate’s impression of the interviewer. Some managers ask others to be interviewed to get different views. Managers may also require candidates to have an aptitude test or other proficiency test to see if the candidate can meet the job requirements. In some cases, a medical examination is required before being hired to prove that the applicant is healthy.

How AI Recruitment Enhancing HR

Recruiting AI is the most trended and rising topic in the digital world. Here is how AI can improve hiring.


Set optimization

Recruiting 200 people per year at a rate of 20 applicants for each job, the organization evaluates 4,000 applicants for this position. Processing these applications, screening applicants, identifying the best (and worst) applicants, and planning and conducting interviews can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Increasing your productivity here can make a big difference. An inefficient selection process not only wastes money and effort but can also be defeated by competent and irrelevant candidates by not being able to quickly make hiring decisions. Then I recommend using a technique to simplify this process.

AI can collect, analyze, and collect data from multiple sources across markets and industries as well as multiple candidates and present this information very quickly and accurately. HR employees can get back to what they do best. This means you can focus on communicating, interacting with, and recruiting candidates.

Most companies today use Candidate Tracking Software (ATS) to process resume and search data. ATS categorizes and collects job-seeker data using keywords such as skills and years of experience, typically on resumes and job boards. Artificial intelligence platforms take this process a step further. However, there are still startups that build a job board which is more engaging and professional, and thus, effective for small businesses with less budget. AI takes a more holistic view through the ability to collect, analyze, and interpret candidate data that can be used on existing public websites and business systems. Candidates can be seen through the lens of artificial intelligence. Candidates who meet certain criteria, such as previous interests, values, and professions, and determine the best candidate criteria for that profession. Data can be expanded and sent to recruiters in minutes. Timing can be important for some roles, especially when recruiting a large number of employees. A 2013 study by KF found that 37% of respondents deliberately used unsuitable candidates to quickly fill vacancies.

Make sure you have selected the best candidates.

AI can also help differentiate between good and fast speeds and more accurately predict a candidate’s success rate. For example, AI can improve job descriptions by supplementing searches with additional keywords to find the best candidates. Let’s say you are looking for a “web developer“. Using common keyword keywords on a job board like LinkedIn can help you quickly find a variety of candidates. But it only lists candidates who use that name to describe what they are doing. Some web developers refer to themselves as “IT programmers” or “web programmers”. AI can identify these variables and quickly and easily add them to your search.

Similarly, you can search for web developers who have worked or are currently working in the financial sector to ensure cultural relevance. AI can display and list the results of actual supply companies to identify companies exceeding expectations. For example, AI can identify most applicants currently employed in financial services who previously worked for government agencies. The AI ​​then adds government agencies to your search, expands your search results, and increases your chances of finding the best talent.

AI can also study people in target roles to determine which variables are important. AI, for example, can match all the skills and experiences common to web developers in financial services and government. For example Knowledge of programming languages ​​such as PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript, or Ruby on Rails. Practical experience in network diagnostics and network analysis tools to identify the following rare skills and experiences.

Experience leading the team

This allows HR staff to advance to the next level in their careers and identify potential candidates to become the organization’s future leaders.

CPS, a recently launched system, goes a lot further and explores social objects. Artificial intelligence tools look at other qualitative and quantitative information available on public websites to expand your social profile. These series from Google Scholar to IEEE, industry sources, high-quality candidate lists, premium sources, and high-quality forums. These additional sources of information allow recruiters to gain insights into the candidate’s values, interests, interpersonal skills, and cultural background (parameters not found in public profiles like LinkedIn).

To improve the candidate’s experience

In the social media era, it’s important to provide candidates with a great experience. A bad candidate experience can ruin your brand. Waiting for the results of your application (or no hearing at all) can take weeks, like waiting for an interview. HR staff often fail to answer the large number of questions they receive on time. This process depresses only applicants who already feel that the application process is under stress. You can share your frustrations with lots of friends on social media, which affects the way others perceive your brand. AI can dramatically shorten the entire hiring process, notify applicants immediately of application progress, maintain relationships with potential applicants, and notify them when they are no longer considered.

The utilization of Employee Templates holds immense potential to revolutionize not only the hiring processes within companies but also to enhance job performance and customer service. However, it’s essential to note that while Employee Templates can bring about significant improvements, they do not serve as a replacement for HR staff. Organizations will continue to rely on human insight, leadership, and strategic vision, opportunities that AI algorithms never offer.

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Use Cases of AI in Recruitment Agencies

AI has great potential for recruitment agencies, where relationship building is important. By optimizing and automating most recruitment transactions, AI frees up the recruiter’s time to develop long-term relationships with candidates, ultimately leading to better business outcomes. If your hiring team doesn’t have to spend time booking, sorting, or screening thousands of resumes, you can focus on creating a great candidate experience that will ultimately give your team a competitive edge.

Candidate search

While 46% of talent acquisition managers struggle to attract qualified candidates, AI can automate supplier search by surfing the internet or restarting the database to determine the best candidates for the vacancy. In addition to automating candidate search, AI can also enhance the candidate experience by providing real-time feedback as candidates pass through the hiring funnel. The most common frustration of applicants during the hiring process includes a lack of information from recruiters about the status of their application. Using the chat interface as a hiring chatbot, you can educate candidates and provide immediate information about their progress in the hiring process. Smart search tools also help you find candidates because they teach you as you grow, saving your team the time and effort it takes to find new candidates.

Candidate Selection

AI-powered staffing agency software can automate resume validation and identify specific features to predict the right candidate for your organization. As HR becomes data-driven, AI for candidate selection provides a tremendous opportunity to evaluate candidates objectively and fairly. One of the most important issues associated with traditional hiring methods is the role of unconscious/cognitive bias that permeates the evaluation process. AI can help eliminate human bias by providing objective data-driven insights. However, AI is not without its drawbacks. All intelligent systems are designed for data-driven learning. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your AI solution is trained on the right data.

Candidate Interview

Organizations have already started rolling out hiring tools powered by artificial intelligence to automate interview scheduling and hiring. Candidates who have already passed the selection phase can participate in a video interview from their smartphone or computer through frequently asked questions. An artificial intelligence program running in the background evaluates personality traits by analyzing the candidate’s facial expressions and speech. Tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google are already using video as part of their hiring strategy. Even if you have an E small business, we recommend using a video interview tool that helps recruiters measure a candidate’s level of focus, confidence, skills, and overall experience.

Best AI Recruiting Tool

Intelligent chatbots powered by artificial intelligence and powered by neural networks use natural language processing to conduct human conversations without the need to answer frequently asked questions from “real” humans. The advantage of chatbots is that they can be used around the clock at the convenience of users and upon request.

Interactive AI can now do most of the initial preparation, so recruiters can use their time to develop a holistic view of candidate engagement. Even internally, the hiring process is becoming more and more like a person as hiring managers have more time to hire managers to gain insight into their candidates.

Chat AI helps hire because it guides applicants through the hiring process, shortens application times, and provides a good user experience for job seekers. Eliminate ambiguity as a result of continuous and consistent communication. Finally, it emphasizes the human side by understanding semantics, digestion, and subtle nuances.

Advantages of Using a Chatbot when Hiring

Chatbots can handle administrative tasks. Using a list of predefined questions, the chatbot can collect basic information about the candidate. Candidates can be screened by asking about their experience, skills, and qualifications. Chatbots can answer candidates’ questions about their application status, arrange interviews, and perform other routine management tasks.

Save time-Chatbots get recruiters by engaging in day-to-day tasks, giving you more time to actively search for suppliers, and do higher-level tasks such as developing pipelines and building close relationships with hiring managers.

Improved Candidate Experience-Chatbot responds to queries instantly. And he answers a few questions without a little patience. This provides a good user experience because it quickly answers candidates’ questions. By eliminating black holes, candidates can better understand the process and employers.

Botsify AI Recruitment Bot

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Examples of Recruiters Using AI for Recruitment

Mya system

Chatbot Hire Mya Systems uses interactive AI recruitment to streamline the hiring process for hiring companies and companies like L’Oréal, Adecco, Hays, and Deloitte.

Mya follows candidates throughout the hiring process, from job search to employment. To ensure natural communication with candidates, Mya uses state-of-the-art methods for natural language processing and understanding.

Wade and Wendy

Wade & Wendy’s AI-powered solution automates the hiring-driven hiring process for job seekers and recruiters.

  • Wade supports job search and marketing candidates. Having learned individual skills, experiences, and goals, Wade guides applicants to the right career opportunities for professional growth.
  • Wendy is the answer for hiring managers who want to move repetitive tasks to smart assistants. Recruiters only need to post job descriptions. Wendy then begins to identify the best talent, promote job descriptions with partners and email marketing campaigns, communicate with candidates, select and add candidates to the list, and schedule. interview.


AllyO offers a comprehensive AI recruitment program covering a wide range of products from Hi to Hired.

  • AllyO RECRUIT collects candidates through an AI chat system, identifies high-potential candidates through smart selection and evaluation, and automatically schedules interviews.
  • So, AllyO Assist is an artificial intelligence-based assistant that automates HR help desk tasks.
  • A AllyO Connect is a messaging platform that enables candidates and employees to be more engaged in communication.
  • The AllyO Schedule provides an automated interview schedule, manages scheduling and cancellation options, and enables one-click video interviews.
  • AllyO Survey automates employee surveys, including new employee registrations, duplicate interviews, and collects vital information about diversity and engagement, employee satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Rental results

HiredScore is changing the way companies hire and retain employees by providing AI-powered solutions that seamlessly integrate with customers’ existing HR systems to ensure compliance and security.

  • Spotlight provides individual assessments of applicants based on each company’s hiring process and needs.
  • Fetch.AI helps you proactively review new job openings from previous applicants and employees.
  • HiredScored Express makes hiring a quality workforce faster and easier with a mobile-friendly recruiting platform.

Botsify The Best AI Chatbot Platform for Recruitment Agencies

Recruiting and applying for a job is one of the most difficult and complex tasks for employees and employers. Botsify AI Recruitment chatbot helps companies and individuals find what’s right for them. With this free hiring chatbot template, you can collect management data to advise clients and help them understand your experience and knowledge.


Have a look at how Botsify’s AI recruitment bot helping a client to find out a perfect person for the job.


That’s how you can save all the data in a spreadsheet by using Botsify’s conversational Form feature. And by using its bot translation feature you can translate any language and talk to any of your employees all around the world.

What are your thoughts about AI in recruitment agencies? Are they help full or not? Feel free to share your experiences…

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