Hosted by
Usama Noman

CEO, Botsify

Shahroz Nawaz

Product Manager, Botsify

Date Time

October 27 11:00 PM PKT | 02:00 PM CST

Introducing AI WhatsApp Chatbot

Botsify recently launched a sought-after WhatsApp

chatbot that helps your business be more customer-centric.

Let’s know what WhatsApp chatbot can do for your business!

In this webinar, we’ll going to discuss:

✔️About WhatsApp chatbot in the context of business that redefines the way to WhatsApp chatbot.

✔️How is the WhatsApp chatbot functioning?

✔️The use case in different industries that can help them grow.

✔️The step-by-step guide to build WhatsApp chatbot with Botsify.

✔️The most positive aspects of WhatsApp chatbot.

✔️A comprehensive description of pricing structure.

✔️A much needed support for WhatsApp chatbot.