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Improve Customer Service With Video Chat Solutions

Here are some important benefits of video chat technology that gives exceptional customer service.

Provide Real time consulting to Customers.

With a wide reach of internet, real time consulting is indeed booming at high pace. Many of the businesses that need face-to-face interaction can highly benefit from live voice or video chat.This feature allows the people to get quick support and help in real time

Resolve issues faster with lesser touchpoints

You know what? 33% of customers are most frustrated by having to wait on hold. So, Video chat for customer service helps businesses to deliver faster solutions, It is a perfect solution for complex technical issues that require visual understanding, which is difficult to explain reactive channels such as phone, email or text.

Boost customer satisfaction rate

In an era of cut-throat competition, if your customer is not satisfied with your services, you need to worry. video chat is the best communication tool for the long-term growth of the business and to streamline customer support process. An instant solution of queries will surely make them feel good. What you are looking for, the same thing, don’t you?

Enable Video Calling Option.

So for using video calling you don't have to setup it or deploy anything you just need to enable the video option located in live chat area of Botsify and your customer will get the message with a link which is redirected to a video call and that's how you just simply start to use it.

Generate Leads with excellent CX.

After simply enabling the option boom your video calling feature is ready now you can easily engage your customer within your brand and leave an excellent customer service experience convert new buyer in loyal customers, so do you want get leads with visual enagagement? use this feature now...

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Better conversions through SMS Chatbot

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