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Chatbot is another medium for your business to grow . Increase saled by 30% and reduce cost by 80% using Artificial intelligence.

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NPS tool Perks that standout's Botsify

As a Matter Of Fact, People Spend More Time On Messaging Apps Than On Social Media Over 1 Billion users use messaging apps, your business needs a new dimension. you can use chatbot to engage all this audience.

Easy to collect data and calculate

Our chatbot allows you to store data in a spreadsheet with the help of conversational forms. Collect customers collection can help you out to understand that how much your custoers are liking your products....

Tracking changes over time is simple

Save a track of your client's criteria about their time frame, investment goals, the properties they own already, and their buying potential. These filters can give you the exact information about your potential buyer. The quicker you respond, the quicker you’ll lock the deal!

Provides decision relating useful results

You can’t figure out what your client is thinking at the moment. What about giving them 24/7 support to solve their problems and answer all their concerns? Keep them engaged till they make a decision. and get good results...

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Collect data in AI forms and track

Customized Conversational forms provide more fields to target what is your need to approach your new customers for lead generation. Create form fields to collect Name, Email, Location, Phone numbers, Geocode and so many more. you can easily track all data and reachout to your customers with these info.

API data stores for data collection

Botsify's chatbot services also supports API, business owners can either store information like customers feedback, orders, product sold or receive content from external sources. and easily work on it and track the whole scenario of customer experiences.

Build Chatbot for these Platforms.

Botsify allows you to build Chatbots for All Platforms.

Website Chatbot

Build a website chatbot for better customer support.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Integrate an AI chatbot with your Facebook Messenger

Whatsapp Chatbot

Acquire Leads from Whatsapp Chatbot easily

SMS Chatbot

Better conversions through SMS Chatbot

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NPS can be a useful tool for decision-making and strategy evaluation, Create it now for free...