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The Importance of Email List Cleaning

A large part of creating and managing a start-up or any other business in today’s era takes place in the digital world. In fact, your company can almost exclusively exist on the internet. That’s how far we have progressed. As such, creating content, generating leads and marketing – all key factors to running a successful business – can also be conducted entirely online.

If you are running a business today, it is very likely that you have an online presence. If you have an online presence, it is likely that you are doing digital marketing for your company. One of the many ways you can do digital marketing is via email marketing campaigns –

using the power of email to send promotional materials and other content to hundreds of users in bulk. There are many email marketing software that offer loads of customization options for your email marketing campaigns. GetResponse, for instance, offers multiple customization options along with templates to use for emails, landing pages, funnels, and forms. You can check the in-depth GetResponse review here. Because if you are here reading this right now, you most likely are conducting email marketing campaigns of your own.

The Need for Email List Cleaning

You generate leads, whether by ads, opt-in tools or by using excellent A.I. services like Botsify’s chatbots, which arms you with a way to provide 24/7 customer service and gather new customers for your contact list without the need for 24/7 manpower. Still, as finely crafted as Botsify’s chatbots can be, they are computer programs after all and are not specialized in differentiating between real and fake emails.

A bot will run independently of any outside input unless a user requests it, in which case the bot will transfer the user to a human customer service representative, and as part of it’s duty, it will collect details about the user, such as their name and their email. This system, however, can be exploited by users who enter fake details because they do not want to enter their real details. This false information will still be logged by the bot and entered into your email list.

Is this an issue you should be concerned about? Yes. Very much so.

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You should already know that your list of contacts will make or break your email marketing campaign. It is, quite possibly, the second most important part of a successful email marketing campaign and comes right after the quality of your content.

Having this list of crucial contacts be tainted with false emails will provide to be a huge roadblock to your campaign, as these false contacts will cause bounce backs, which will hurt your IP score, sender reputation and deliverability, which will, in turn, hurt your campaign in a major way.

That’s not all, though. Not considering the host of possible faulty and fake contacts, your email list cleaning is also useful because an unfortunate fact of email marketing is the customer engagement declines on its own. The email marketing statistics show that email lists decline by about 22% every year. Then there are the subscribers who will not preview your email, much less open it or follow through on your calls to action. Leaving these contacts in the mail list will also hurt your campaign directly.

This is where Email List Clean comes in. And have a look at why the email list cleaner is necessary.

What is Email List Cleaning?

Email List Clean is a process that should be done without fail for every email marketing campaign. It is the process of sifting through a marketing campaign’s potentially thousands of contacts, finding email addresses that may cause any kind of issues, and then removing them from the contacts list.

Invalid names, emails with typos in them, nonexistent email addresses – whatever the root cause of the issue is, Email List Clean will take care of them. In cases where you could fix the issue by manual input, the email list cleaner will mark the contact so you could take action as necessary.

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Why Clean Email List?

In addition to the obvious benefit of boosting your email marketing campaign by making sure that there are fewer  bounces, there are a wide number of additional benefits to using an email list cleaner. They include:

Open Rates and Click Rates improvement – email list cleaners will go through your list and leave behind only emails that are valid and engage with you. This means that the emails you send in the future will all be sent to subscribers who actually open your email, take the time to read it and maybe even click on your links.

• Spam Complaints go down – People have short memories and sometimes, even people who actually signed up for your campaign can mark your emails as spam. This is in addition to the number of emails that have ended up on your list who never actually signed up consciously. A clean email list means fewer spam complaints.

• Costs will go down – email marketing clients all charge by the number of emails you send and by the number of clients on your email list. Having a bloated list means you are losing money for every false subscriber and for every subscriber who doesn’t engage with your campaign. By using a list cleaner, you can reduce costs and increase your return on investment while also minimizing email deliverability issues.

When to Clean Email List?

Cleaning is all well and good, but how do you know it is time to clean? By monitoring your email marketing campaign’s metrics.

Whatever the client you use for your email marketing campaign, they will provide you with detailed insight into your marketing campaign’s statistics. And they will make the “email list cleaner” a must on the checklist. Check the open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates. When the former two are dipping and/or the latter two are rising, that is how you know that it is time for you to clean your list.

To know what the average numbers for each of these metrics are, you should do some research and find out what the email marketing benchmarks. The numbers vary, and you need to make sure that you fall within the acceptable range for your industry. If you are lower than the average, clean email list, reconsider your strategies, and make adjustments as needed to improve it.

If you are conducting an Email Marketing Campaign, the best way to ensure you have a high deliverability rate and low email bounce rates is to retain the services of an Email List Cleaner to go through and clean the list of contacts you’ve gathered via your bots, opt-in services, ads, and other methods. They will eliminate any troublesome contacts and boost the success of your email marketing efforts. There are many email list cleaners available – Bounceless and Debounce are solid options – provide you with an excellent return on investment.

If you’re looking out for software for your Email Marketing Campaigns, you might want to take a look at a few Mailchimp Alternatives. And you must keep in mind that the email list cleaner is a must.


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