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Pinterest and Other Social Platforms Redefining E-Commerce Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the strategies used by e-commerce brands to create awareness. The latest Forbes statistics show about 4.9 billion people are active social media users. The large number of users creates a huge opportunity for online brands to boost sales. 

Brands use popular channels such as Pinterest and Instagram to build a wide online presence. The platforms offer a variety of marketing and analytics tools to help brands achieve their goals. They use the tools to create attractive virtual stores where shoppers can shop. 

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The best Pinterest e-commerce strategy for online brands

Pinterest is a friendly platform that makes it easy to share ideas and products online. Success in Pinterest’s strategy relies on creating branded content and sharing it with the right people. You must go beyond uploading images and create a strategy that works. Here are the best Pinterest e-commerce marketing strategies for online brands.  

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Know the e-business types that leverage Pinterest 

Pinterest Business statistics show that Pinterest boasts 482 million users. The statistics show the monthly user demographics range from women to Gen Z, Millennials, and high-income earners. These figures show any online businesses can leverage Pinterest to reach out to any demographic. For instance, if you are in the entertainment sector, you can leverage the impact of e-commerce on the entertainment industry to generate sales.

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You can create ads or post product promotions to capitalize on the large pool of active Pinterest users. If you have yet to create an e-commerce Pinterest strategy, you can start now and use a variety of strategies to dive deep into the social media market. Once you understand the brands that can use Pinterest, you can move on to the next step.  

Create a strategy to reach the widest range of followers

The strategy you create depends on the social media marketing goals your brand has. Your marketing goals could range as follows. 

  • Build a strong brand. The aim of building a strong brand is to gain a good reputation on social media. 
  • Attract leads into your funnel.
  • Harness SEO excellence for higher ranking.
  • Increase your customer base.
  • Boost revenue generation. 
  • Harness social media engagement. 
  • Choose a chatbot agency and integrate your chatbot on multiple platforms to gather more followers by collecting leads.
Use Shoppable pins

The Shoppable Pin strategy works well for Pinterest. Choose the product that you want to market and add text to them. You should create the text as metadata to offer your audience information on the go. The important information to include can be the product price and a short description. 

Leverage sharing

User sharing can help your brand generate a large awareness campaign on Pinterest. To get started, create your online store and fill it with your products. Add share pins on the products to encourage users to share. The simplest way to do it is to add buttons on each product.

Learn about Pinterest SEO and use it

SEO in Pinterest is the art of leveraging SEO to improve ranking. It enhances the visibility of your network on the platform and search engines. To leverage SEO, create a business account instead of using a personal account. Use SEO in your buttons, tags, and pins. 

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Set aside a budget for Pinterest ads

Pinterest places its ads mainly in the user’s home feed. The ads also show in search results and pin searches. Once a user taps on the ad, they get redirected to your website or profile page. The platform allows video-based ads and standard ads. They provide an effective way to drive traffic to your website and social media page. A Hootsuite report shows Pinterest ads have a potential audience reach of 279.9 million.

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Link your Pinterest page to other social media pages

Pinterest allows you to link your page to other platforms. You can link it to other social media pages or Google. After linking it, you make it easier to find other networks and reach out to them. For instance, if you want to link your page with Facebook, use Facebook to sign into your Pinterest account.  

This feature works only with your personal Facebook account. Every time your friends open their Facebook page, they will see you have a Pinterest account. If they tap on the Pinterest pin, they will be redirected to your page. This feature also works with Instagram and uses the same procedure. 

Create a variety of posts

Pinterest users search for a variety of content. Consider creating different types of content for posting. Create a variety of posts and leverage different types of pins. For instance, you may create pins such as:-

  • Static
  • Video
  • Ideas
  • Rich

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Enlarge your follower base

A large community of followers increases the visibility of your brand. To have more followers is an advantage because each post will be viewed by a larger audience. It leads to higher audience engagement and more sales. Each follower on your page boasts of other followers. 

They can share your products with them which could increase your lead generation. Invest to enlarge your follower base to extend the benefits of your e-business. There are different strategies you can use to build a strong customer base. 

  • Create attractive posts for your audience to entice them to read. 
  • Increase your pace for posting messages and products.
  • Harness audience engagement through posts that trigger action. 
  • Check your competitor’s pages and follow their followers.
  • Add hashtags to your posts and use infographics. 

How Pinterest and other social media channels impact e-commerce marketing

Social media channels are powerful channels that offer huge benefits to online businesses. They are excellent tools for posting ads and boosting engagement. Marketers use them to generate data for analytics. Generally, social media has transformed the way e-commerce platforms do business. 

It’s well-known that social media has been a major factor behind the unprecedented rise of e-commerce. When social channels were first launched, the aim was to connect people through social interaction. As social audiences increased, they created a business opportunity for online commerce. 

Users began to sell products at a personal level and many didn’t go beyond that. It was at this time that investors noticed the gap and leveraged the channels for profits. Today, social media blends perfectly with e-commerce. It creates a digital environment where genuine channel users connect with genuine sellers to drive e-commerce ahead.

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Many social media users may not understand why the channels matter. However, accepting them as platforms for business opportunities can help transform business. Today, every business sector leverages Pinterest and other social media channels to boost sales. The channels eliminate the barriers that exist between making purchases and socialization. E-commerce platforms integrate their sites with social channels as one of the primary methods of marketing.

Importance of consistent branding in e-commerce

Consistency in branding is the secret to winning more leads and conversions. It is one of the strategies that help build trust with online audiences. Social media marketing is a competitive and complex strategy. It is a crowded market where brands struggle to stand out. 

When you build on consistency, you create a seamless link that enhances satisfaction. Through consistency, customers easily identify your brand language, tone, and style. It ensures your brand is well-represented both on Pinterest and all other social channels. 

Your brand benefits from increased revenue and recognition. You need to have a dedicated team for creating and publishing marketing content on social media. Use predefined metrics to measure the success of various posts and campaigns. The strategies for building consistency in branding include the following:

  • Focus on using your brand colors across all channels. Your brand may adopt the logo colors as the branding colors. It helps audiences to identify your brand based on its colors. 
  • Be excellent at telling stories on social media. Stories tend to trigger sharing and reactions. 
  • Use attractive visuals to attract attention from audiences. Great visuals act as magnets that keep visitors on your page for longer. 
  • Improve the quality of your products. Ensure your products serve the needs of your customers. Quality improvement should include improving packaging appearance. 
  • Use powerful tools to take quality photos of your products.  Sharp product photos create the notion that they are good quality. Use a powerful camera and quality editing software. 
  • Use a consistent tone and style in your social media content. Consistent tone refers to your style of writing content. Depending on your type of business, you may use a formal or informal tone. 


Pinterest is a great channel for e-commerce investors to promote their business. Brands need to understand the goals they want to achieve before posting on Pinterest. They need to choose the right strategy for marketing on the channel. Social media is redefining online business by offering brands a platform to connect with a large online audience. Online brands must pay attention to consistency. It helps create trust and build greater awareness with audiences.

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