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How to Perfect the Customer Service of Your eCommerce Business

customer service

How you treat your customers can make or break your business. The power of customer service is irrefutable, and a business that offers good customer service is more likely to succeed. In fact, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases from businesses that provide excellent customer service.

Customer service helps you build trust and determines how people view your business, which is especially important in the eCommerce world. Since you don’t have a physical store in which you can make a good impression, you have to rely on your customer service reps.

If you want it to be perfect, you need to know a few useful tips.

Use live chat

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One of the most important aspects of customer service is availability, as customers need to be able to reach you 24/7. According to live chat stats, 51% of consumers wish businesses were available all the time and more than one-third of consumers expect to see a live chat feature on a company’s website.

With live chat, customers can immediately get answers to their questions about your products and services at any time. Additionally, your customer support team will be able to be more productive and handle multiple conversations at the same time thanks to the software’s numerous tools.

Some benefits of live chat include:

Implement videos


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Customer service doesn’t necessarily have to consist of an agent directly communicating with a customer. Some customers want answers but don’t want to reach out to an agent or aren’t able to do so due to communication or technical difficulties.

No matter how good your customer service communication channels are, things such as dropped telephone connections and a faulty internet connection can always happen.

If you want to make sure your customers always have an answer to the most commonly asked questions, you can provide them with those answers in an original way – through video.

Videos are a great way to provide customers with quick and non-robotic service. What’s even better, you can create these videos yourself with an online video maker. It will allow you to make creative and engaging videos in a very simple way.

Here is what you can expect if you use videos for customer service:

Have a presence on social media

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A social media presence is something customers expect from businesses nowadays. It’s a great tool to stay in contact with your customers and gives you many ways to boost your customer service.

How you act on social media is very important, as 71% of customers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family. So, not only is social media important for customer satisfaction, but also customer acquisition.

Once you create profiles on multiple social media platforms, make sure to let all of your customers know you’re available to them there, as well. Most communication with customers on these platforms will happen via comments, and you need to know how to respond to each type of comment:

Know how to finish a conversation

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While it is important to keep customer support lines open as much as possible, agents should never abruptly end their conversation with one customer to answer a new call. If you don’t have a proper conclusion with a customer, this comes off as rude and disrespectful.

Leaving a couple of minutes at the end of a conversation to wrap everything up can improve the customer’s overall experience. Make sure to ask them if they need assistance with anything else and urge them to call in the future if they have any more questions.

Additionally, ask them for feedback to measure their customer satisfaction score. You can do it with simple questions such as “How satisfied were you with the service you received?” or just ask them to fill out a survey or questionnaire.

This kind of feedback is important because it gives you valuable insight into what aspects of your customer service are working and if any of them need to be improved.

And finally, don’t forget to thank the customer for their call, as a little gratitude can go a long way.

Final thoughts

There are many different things that can make a business successful. However, the one thing that’s certain is that without satisfied customers, you would never be able to make a profit.

No matter how hard you work on marketing, in the end, you need to have great customer service that will help you finalize sales, keep existing customers happy, and attract new ones.



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