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How I See the Future of Chatbots in Pakistan

The concept of chatbots was presented by the 1960s. However, it has gained popularity in the past decade among the number of industries and for personal interests. The ultimate purpose of introducing chatbots was to establish an ideal communication through machines. Smart mobile phone applications and AI-based websites have played an essential role in the rise of chatbots. They are used for a conversation with visitors. You might also have a conversation with a chatbot at any website, and you wouldn’t have recognized it.

According to Gartner, by 2020, about 85% of client conversation will be inhuman. This indicates clearly that, it is critical to get a solid grip in this particular field. Thousands of startups are working in the world serving their towns with this advanced service. Similarly, in Pakistan, Botsify is the most prominent one among few of those.

Chatbots and Education

Likewise, the other fields, chatbots are critical for the education department. Students are often left with numerous questions regarding their studies, schedule, admissions, and others. Such questions are being asked periodically year by year, every month or every week. An educator or administrator is well aware of the queries which are being asked through emails.

While researching for the particular article, I had a chat with my colleague in Pakistan. He told me about the regular coaching system in Pakistan. Most of the students from matriculation and intermediate join private assistance for the betterment of their studies. Students are often confused with the routine, timings, and unavailability of teachers. Chatbots in this regards can answer all the questions within no time. It will save lots of efforts that might go in vain.

On the other hand, so many undergraduates have a keen interest in the fields of robotics, electronics, mechatronics, and artificial intelligence. Enrollment of 5000 students initially in the PIAIC (President’s Initiative For Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing) from Karachi city has declared the future of Chatbot ( AI ) in Pakistan. A chatbot competition can be initiated in the national robotic competitions like NERC, DURC, SPEC, and others.

Lina D’Souza – Academic Advisor and Career Counselor at Australian Masters said during a seminar at UCLA,

This is high time to educate students about the technological advancements in from the K12 schooling system. Primary education needs to upgrade in order to cope with modern development.

Apart from the universities, there are primary educational organizations like Dawood Foundation who are working on artificial intelligence and robotic with their students. Spreading the awareness in such platforms about the importance of the future of chatbots could shift the momentum towards the development of chatbots also.

Women Empowerment and Health Awareness

Women literacy rate in Pakistan lies to 48%, in comparison to the male literacy rate, i.e. 70%, women are far behind. There may be several reasons behind the fact. But what’s the concern is females in Pakistan work shoulder to shoulder with males. It may be farming, education careers, health or any other department, and you will find women working with the men. However, there is a high need to educate rural women as working in unfavorable conditions, may harm them. Due to the shortage of facilities and gender difference in the tribes, females are not being focused equally for health and education.

“Villages and underdeveloped areas require technological advancements especially to help their women work in better conditions and live a safe life.” Women activist and blogger, Mrs. Joe Wilson from Crowd Writer.

There is a need to aware them about working in a safe and secure environment. It is probably difficult for someone to specify a significant time for a specific rural area to spread awareness. However, chatbots, in these circumstances can be lethal. Raaji – an AI chatbot developed by Saba Khalid is aimed to improve the health and educational problems of women in rural areas. It is also named as AuratRaaj means women dynasty. It allows one to ask a question and get a suitable solution. It can be operated with multiple languages which makes it easy for less-educated women to work with. Similar work at a broader level can change the lives of women in Pakistan.

Future of Chatbots in Sports Industry

Almost every Pakistani loves sports. Cricket, hockey, and polo are the most popular games in Pakistan. In the recent year, Geo Super introduced a chatbot during the PSL season. It has superb features and interactive content. People could easily get access to the result updates, points table and other information using the particular bot.

• It updates you about the score when you type and send the score to the bot.
• When you send points, it updates you with the points table.
• Similarly, on typing Urdu, it provides information in Urdu.

However, it was not being used as expected by the people as they were unaware of its benefits and procedure. Despite, introducing such bots with an awareness campaign can be more exciting than it was.

Replacement of Customer Services

Without a doubt, the subcontinent is the most popular hub for local and international customer care. Many students work part-time as a customer service representative to support their studies and to overcome financial crises. Introducing chatbots in this field can bring a revolutionary change in the careers of Pakistani undergraduates. Those who are focusing on responding email could be working on the development of intelligent bots. Apart from the international platform, many local businesses like the banking sector, telecommunication industry, and e-commerce stores require 24/7 customer care. Chatbots and voice bots in these firms can enhance the working ability and could improve customer engagement like botsify has done for EFU life insurance.

Can Help Making Pakistan The Number One Tourist Destination

Eva Zu Beck, a polish woman, has stated that Pakistan could be the number one tourist destination in the future. I second her being a travel visa geek. We appreciate the government initiative of making the visa policy easy for travelers from around the world. But, thinking of a technical aspect, I would suggest them to introduce a chatbot that could answer the queries of international travelers and visitors. It will help in,

• Getting familiar with the Policies
• Cost estimation while traveling
• Searching Local Hotels and Restaurants
• Meeting local people

This step will really help tourists like me to interact with, and get to the necessary knowledge.


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