How Bisa Seguros Generated 3.8K Qualified Leads In Just 7 Months

Bisa Seguros is a Bolivian company which offer customers the most relevant service and solutions of the Bolivian insurance market, through both the quality and professionalism of our human resources and our excellent products and services, exceptional supported by the best available technology and proper management, generating value for their shareholders, employees and society.

Product & Services:

Their product and services are targeted to both people and companies.

For people, they offer:

Whereas for Companies, they offer:

  • Microinsurance
  • All Construction Risk
  • All Risk in Electronic Equipment
  • Mining Risks
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • All Contractor Equipment Risk
  • All Assembly Risk
  • Employee Loyalty
  • All Risk of Property Damage
  • Loss of Benefits
  • Banking Protection
  • Civil Liability
  • Oil Risks
  • Air navigation
  • Agricultural
  • Helmet and boat

Purpose Of Chatbot:

There were several reasons for Bisa Seguros to opt for a chatbot.

They wanted to allow customers to see their product offerings and learn more about them. The customer can also speak to an agent about a particular product.

The customer can report a loss, and Bisa Seguros can collect their information and the follow up accordingly.

They wanted their customers to see the company’s office timings, office locations and allow them to reach out to a human agent.

Customers should be able to request help, lodge a complaint or give feedback.

Chatbot Flow:

Whenever a new customer lands on Bisa Seguros’s Facebook page or on their website and begins to chat by pressing the Get Started button, the chatbot greets the customer and offers three options for the customer to choose from. These options are:

  • Insurance
  • Sinister Automotive
  • Consultations & Claims

Choosing the insurance option will display the insurances offered by the company

If the customer selects Sinister Automotive, the chatbot first informs the customer that it will need to collect some information in order to proceed. If the customer agrees then the chatbot ask few questions as seen in image below

Finally, choosing the third option gives three more options to the customer

  • Offices and Hours
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Send a Claim

It allows the customer to know the company’s address and their office timings, to see all the FAQs, and send a claim.

Bisa Seguros launched on 1st January 2018. To this day it now has more than 3.8K users out of which 2.9K are Facebook users.

They have sent more than 43.5K messages. Which means that Botsify have saved time to write those 43.5K messages.

According to a report, Bisa Seguros has collected over 1000 leads, they have saved over 500 hours of customer support cost, and they’re serving an average of 66 messages each day with overall 18,746 messages served till date

Try it Now:

Bisa Seguros Chatbot currently resides on their website & Facebook page with over 51k Facebook likes.

Try on Website at the bottom right side of the website.

Try on Facebook (Send Message)


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