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Improve Customer Acquisition Using PPC Marketing Strategy In 2022

How many sleepless nights have you had so far looking for the right strategy to find new customers?

Let’s be honest here,

It’s not like you are not paying enough on your PPC Marketing or not giving enough attention to website SEO or getting no traffic,

But the conversion is like, meh…

Do you know the reason behind this?

Want to make your 2020 a little better in terms of customer acquisition?

Worry no more,

In this guide, we have explained how and why customer acquisition can instantly be improved.


In order to make things easier I have crafted this guide into the following sections:

Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing

It’s easy to get people to click on your ads or bring traffic to your website but what makes a visitor convert into a customer is the experience.

Basically creating engagement for that visitor is the most crucial step for any campaigns you create for generating traffic.

So take a closer look at your current landing pages that you are getting traffic on and tell me one thing,

Are you providing a grocery store experience or an Apple store experience?

via GIPHYSuppose you get to transform your regular-looking landing pages into more personalized and engaging ones.

How would that affect its conversion?

Right now your prospects are figuring things out on their own unless a sales representative is bothered.

What you need to do is to deliver through and through assistance as soon as they land on your website.

Just like an Apple store, which sells experience more than showcasing the product or service.

But how can one achieve that?

It’s simple, chatbots!

I am guessing you already know what chatbots are but if you don’t,

Here’s a beginner’s guide to chatbot and customer support automation for you.

Did you know?

Most non-technicals think that chatbots are gimmicky and there isn’t much to do except send and receive text messages through a bot.

But do the people who understand conversational AI well enough know how beneficial chatbots really are for customer acquisition?

As they have evolved into a whole new marketing strategy that businesses across industries are using and doing great things.

In fact, the market is densely competitive due to the fact that chatbots are soon going to be a thing for almost 80% of all global businesses, one way or another.

So in a world full of automated conversations do you think your customer support representatives would be fast and accurate enough?

And also if you think a human support agent can talk to your 15 online customers at a time,

Think again!

According to a recent study, around 70% of customers and prospects have no problem talking to a bot and 51% of them don’t mind a bot resolving basic issues that come in the way,

So this means, as long as it provides timely and accurate information a chatbot can help you attain customer satisfaction.

However, chatbots have been around for quite some time and the phenomena aren’t new anymore.

Which means more competition for you.

But there are many many ways to leverage a chatbot to your own benefits

A.k.a customer acquisition.

So today, we will be focusing on a new way to get website visitors to sign up

Or make sure people do a little more than window shop on your e-store.

But how do PPC and chatbot go together?

It’s simple, you can integrate a lead-collecting chatbot into your website instead of a long complex form and every time a prospect would click on any of your PPC ads, or show up on any of your pages in any way,

the chatbot will interact with them in a personalized flow & collect their information one at a time as a conversation.

Wait… what did I miss?

Well, to understand this, I want you to look at PPC in a whole other way.

Do you know how it feels like when you want to achieve certain goals but are stuck at one point?

No matter what you do, it just seems like you are making no progress while others are doing great things… By others I meant competitors.

PPC marketing is no different.

When it comes to making a difference and getting results, every business has to get a grip on something unique or at least kick-ass that everyone else isn’t already doing.

Of course, you can fool a website visitor with big claims on the ad that shows up on google but getting clicks won’t be doing any good to you, since you are paying for that click already.

Your goal here is to generate results in terms of conversion or lead collection.

And this only happens when the landing page, the content, product, service or overall user experience is convincing enough.

So here’s a question I want to ask you,

Does your website deliver user experience?

No, I am not talking about a color-popping landing page with a lead-capturing form with 6 fields…

Let’s be honest again, nobody wants to go through another letter template-looking form. ?

Your prospects will have to skim through the entire page to find any information they might need when filling out the form and I am pretty sure they wouldn’t be too happy about it.

In fact, there’s a high chance you might lose potential customers because of the long and boring processes they have to go through before getting what they want.

Be it an appointment with your agency or buying a t-shirt from your e-store.

PPC is all about converting the cost you paid to get the person to click on your ad and a basic landing page might not do the job…

Which leads us to the real question, how to fix that?

Diving into the strategy…

These tactics are universally applicable to any PPC marketing campaign of any business?

To make things smoother, I am going to explain this customer acquisition approach in 3 simple steps:

1. Deploying a chatbot to the website
2. Making landing pages dynamic using page messaging
3. Generating leads with PPC ads traffic

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Okay so here comes the fun part,

We have to make sure that the chatbot reorganizes and presents all the information that is given on each landing page optimized for PPC marketing.

But why?

So when we look at a webpage, all the content is right there and we look for the answers by going through the entire thing.

Chatbots are different and perfect for keeping the interaction exciting.

So rather than giving all away at once, the chatbot will be able to nurture the conversation and provide just the right information at the right time.

Keeping that in mind we create an action-based chatbot flow:

Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing

Meaning, the chatbot triggers information based on the choices the user makes.

This helps us engage users so they can uncover information slowly gradually, without having to go back and forth or type in relevant keywords to get answers.

Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing

Rather than presenting all the available information in one go, prospects could engage in a conversation to both uncover and share information.

Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing

See that…

Conversation flow uncovers information as the user consumes it.

Of course, when the user selects any of these options, it’s highly likely they are going to fill out the lead generation form that the PPC campaign was all about.

I am sure you’re wondering “how is it really that different than the landing page?”

And I am going to say it one more time, landing pages are lonely.

Especially for a non-dynamic website, where there is no personalization going on, a chatbot really adds interactivity.

With a polite sales rep answering questions, making suggestions and informing prospects to help them make the right purchase, a chatbot completely transforms the experience.

Okay so at this point our basic chatbot flow was covered and the chatbot is up and running on the website, but that’s not enough.

Reducing Bounce Rate Using Page Messaging.

For website chatbot, we have this simple yet smart way of capturing target leads…

For example here, we created page messaging for the Pricing page using our tool Botsify.

Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing
Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing

This message pops up after 5 seconds so it is not too pushy but in case any prospect is looking for information, they will be able to see it and as soon as they click on it.

And there is a nice beep sound on it, just in case if your user is on a separate tab of the browser.

The conversation will go something like this:

Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing

Page messaging can be used for all landing pages as well, like contact us, about us, and sign up pages, using a different.

On that note, our chatbot deployment ends and begins a more crucial step, reception.

How engaging and fruitful the chatbot is – will determine if the whole strategy is worth writing a blog post about.

Or failed miserably.

But I think you are smart enough to have guessed that it worked…?

But really how?

Well, first of all, a chatbot is a lot more dynamic when compared to a standard landing page.

Take this one as an example:

Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing

As a prospect, the first thought that would go through my mind when looking at this form would be “hmm… another set of fields I need to fill in to get them to contact me”.

As compared to a conversation, doesn’t matter if it’s a person or a bot, as long as it is engaging and interactive, I would instantly feel taken care of.

In simpler words, experience.

The more engaging experience prospects have, the lower your bounce rate goes and customer acquisition becomes a lot smoother. Visitors will stick longer to the website.

Thus, the conversion rates improve significantly and cost per lead lowers – your PPC ads do more than just bring traffic to your website.

At the end of the day, what matters is how many visitors convert to leads,

Then the next step would be how many of these prospects converted into customers.

But for now, we are only aiming at the leads a chatbot can collect.

Testing out the Strategy

This strategy has been implemented in a handful of businesses and here’s how:

When we conducted A/B testing on chatbots and traditional landing pages for different businesses from different industries looking for different results.

For instance, a real estate agency is aiming for traffic on their listings page and the chatbot is there to help provide relevant information when and where (as per the query) needed.

Similarly, an E-commerce platform has PPC ads set up for ‘new arrivals’ and they want a chatbot to make purchase decisions faster by helping people out with what they’re looking for.

So on and so forth, we compared landing pages with and without a chatbot integration and found that their conversion rates increased by 30% with chatbots.

Mainly, because traditional landing pages and their customer acquisition techniques are dependent upon a simple lead capture form whereas the chatbot initiates conversation from a pop-up message and takes it ahead till the required information is provided.

The results definitely show improvement in customer engagement as well. People stayed longer than usual on the said landing pages while interacting with a chatbot.

It all comes down to how personalized you go with your conversation flows.

We try to keep things as customer-oriented as possible, from location to possible requirements based on the choices they make when talking to a bot,

Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing

When it comes to capturing leads, a chatbot really adds to your PPC game.


Marketers can do so much in terms of customer acquisition with a chatbot

It’s cheaper – imagine hiring sales and support staff for every 10-15 website visitors, keeping them on hold till your support representatives are available

or having a bot that is capable of responding and more or less, does the same job each one of your support representatives would do.

A single chatbot is capable of handling thousands of website visitors all at once. Meaning, you save a lot!

Similarly, the traffic you were generating with PPC marketing converts to leads and that resonates with 2 things.

1. The cost per ad lowers because your conversion rate is increasing
2. You can increase the density of your PPC ads and double up your customer acquisition using the lead-capturing chatbot strategy.

Win, win!

On the plus side, a chatbot ensures that the conversation between your prospects and the bot goes somewhat similar to a sales interaction, unlike traditional landing pages.

Take another example of a US-based hotel decor service provider Uberoom, we deployed a website chatbot that would help people choose the right package according to their requirements,

Customer Acquisition with PPC Marketing

The chatbot would go to an extent where a person can ask about the type of floral decorations they can do for a hotel room in Ohio.

Do you know why their customer acquisition increased so much so quickly?

Because most of the traffic they were getting on their website was unaware of the many services they were already providing.

The rest were unable to make customized orders and didn’t find the information given on the website helpful enough

Comparatively, when the chatbot was integrated, things started to become better.

Not only their customer acquisition increase but existing customers appreciated the timely response, detailed information, and interactive conversation with the bot.

In other words, the grocery store feels gone!

In fact, the leads they qualified through the chatbot were more like the sales-qualified leads rather than the marketing-qualified leads because of the fact that the chatbot focuses on interaction more and less on marketing themselves.

This also concludes that chatbots compliment PPC marketing and can help elevate your sales.

Now that you know exactly what and how chatbot ensures customer acquisition it’s time to take a look at some of the takeaways by analyzing the aforementioned strategy.

Again, chatbots do not limit to a few businesses or industries.

So don’t feel shy implementing the tips and tricks I am about to disclose over here.

As long as your business exists on the mighty world wide web, it can definitely benefit from a chatbot that not only helps provide customer support to your existing customer base but also help you get new ones.

? Analyzing your pain points when it comes to customer acquisition.

?Considering that making a conversation flow helps collect information about prospects.

?Deploying a chatbot to your website.

? use page messaging to provide personalization to each landing page that you get traffic through PPC marketing

?Add interactive flows to each landing page

?Increase customer satisfaction rate with faster and more thorough customer support

?Collecting leads in exchange for valuable and relevant information for the users

So this wraps up the Conversational AI customer acquisition strategy for the year.

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As for the future hold of chatbots, they have become an ideal lead-capturing tool for businesses across industries.

Not only do they help you generate leads but qualified leads and the cost is comparatively low.

When used with PPC marketing, the chatbot helps increase conversion rates and make your ads clicks worth the penny.

Despite the fact that many marketers still don’t believe in the benefits of chatbots, AI is here to stay and soon enough will be taking over a major chunk of lead generation.

The promise of an ultra-intelligent sales rep, who can answer every single query, is still years away.

While it might be the trend for businesses to implement AI-powered virtual agents into their websites and landing pages, marketers hoping to see real gains from their chatbots today are better off focusing on how the chat interface can help them increase user engagement and supercharge their lead generation process.

What are your thoughts on chatbots?

What difference did you see in your business before or after using them?

Let us know in the comments below.

In case you want to work with us and fly your business in 3 months book a free demo meeting with us.


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