An Interview With The Product Manager At, Csenger Szabó

We are getting more powerful by assistive technology and proudly going towards success. No one denies this fact that AI technology has a huge contribution in business industries. As we see in the market or obviously in this situation of the pandemic, the use of technology is viable and everyone accepts the presence of technology is far better than nothing. 

To know more, this is not enough. Come along with us and get in-depth knowledge about AI and Chatbots with today’s educational post.

We are super excited to have a man who has a lot of experience in the technical world. Here comes Csenger Szabo, the product manager at and a good conversationalist when they talk about Chatbots and of course for chit chat. His professional degree lies in Mechatronics Engineering but his academic credentials doesn’t stop here. He has command on 6 different unique courses and also led 9 multiple projects and worked with renowned organizations.

He has accomplished many stars that others want to accomplish. He has a strong knowledge about designing and creating chatbots. Mainly, his organization’s core objective is to provide a well-managed chatbot for their customers. 

The way he delivers his thoughts in his sessions is absolutely remarkable and most of the people appreciate his way of speaking. Apart from this, he has command on 3 different languages (English, German, Hungarian). 

Let’s start talking with him!

Botsify: Hi Csenger, first of all, thank you for giving your precious time and speaking with us today. Let’s start with your career, how did you start with it, and what hurdles you have faced during the time.

Csenger: Thank you for inviting me! I was working in a corporate helping to build up their first Big Data environment and create the first deep insights from the Data Lake, while all the hype started around chatbots. However, I did not start working with chatbots because of the hype. Actually hype did not reach me that time, the reason I started working with chatbots is more theatrical. It was during the summer of 2016 when I had many incoming Messenger conversations while I was working a lot, and just could not answer all of them. Then I was like, okay, I’ll create a chatbot for myself and it can answer my Messenger contacts.

That was the time when I started digging in the tech background of building up a Messenger chatbot, and I realized that Facebook just made developers able to reach Sens API and create a bot for a Facebook page. So I created my first simple bot in Python on Microsoft Azure. Then I and one of my former colleagues started talking about the business opportunity of this technology and created our own brand, started sales, and almost immediately got a big deal from a large hypermarket chain. But afterwards, we realized how hard sales is in such an innovative market, because you have to educate your prospects which costs a lot of effort. So then we needed business strategy, and we established, the chatbot agency.

Botsify: What was your mission at the outset?

Csenger: My mission was to be part of the AI revolution and help reforming customer service and marketing. I wanted to make businesses able to reach their customers in a more convenient way. That time instant messaging had an insane growth and it started to be a serious part in users’ every life. We thought that then why aren’t we able to communicate with businesses in a smoother way on messaging apps?

Botsify: Csenger, in this pandemic situation, many leading industries work from home. And a big applause to this technology to make this happen. With this, many E-commerce businesses are running smoothly. Do you think AI technology has a big support for the E-commerce industries?

Csenger: Definitely. As far as I know the situation in eCommerce is quite good, and in most cases webshops had an increase of sales during the quarantine. We know that AI and other kinds of automations have already been helping webshops to optimize conversion. Cart abandonment recovery and lead generation funnels are the biggest working use cases of chatbots than certainly can help eCommerce stores in increasing revenue. 

Botsify: Csenger, I across your blog Chatbot Results – How Successful Is A Chatbot? And I noticed your firstly saying in your blog that is Today, chatbots are mostly used by companies for customer service and marketing. Technology is becoming more widespread, providing an opportunity to automate conversations between a Facebook page and users.” Do you believe this is where the future is headed? And how does a small business get benefited with this superpower AI technology?

Csenger: I always separate chatbot use cases into 3 main groups:

  1. Customer service (AI agent, decision-tree, graphical menus)
  2. Marketing (lead generation, qualification, segmentation, subscriber campaigns, cart abandonment recovery)
  3. App-like solutions (conference experience, online store, delivery, booking, public transportation, food ordering, etc.)

We at have built many chatbots for all these 3 main use cases. As I am seeing the main goal of an automated chat channel is customer service, and that will be the main use case in the future. Of course, it should involve the most complex technology too, like AI and system integration which is not easy currently, and today it’s just not worth developing from a business aspect for many companies. But hopefully as technology evolves, it will be available for more and more businesses. Marketing and conversational commerce is a big thing currently and if regulation can be solved in a way that it’s worth using it, and users won’t feel it’s too spammy, chat can be here for a long term as a marketing channel. App-like solutions are complicated to build – we build many of them. However, as I’ve seen, it’s really easy to slip on this ground, and there are only a few use cases that can work properly in the long term.

Botsify: I found some feedback that enhances your speaking power. I loved this line “it’s really worth doing it! When you can give real value to others.” and I am sure you work tirelessly to make your customer experience better. Could you tell us some major highlights to optimize customer experience and build more reliable connections with them?

Csenger: A good customer experience starts with touching your client’s emotions and giving a good quality solution for their problems or demands. Communication, accepting and implementing feedback in your business is a key to make your customers happier.

Botsify: In this pandemic, most of the businesses run their operation smoothly due to superpower AI technology. How are you facilitating your customers in this pandemic situation?

Csenger: Not a lot things have changed. In the digital world, we already have been using online calls and online platforms for project management and constant communication. I think in any other digital-related company you can barely feel a major change in operation. Maybe in bigger companies now they realized that working remotely actually does not work worse than meeting every day, and in the end they can reduce costs by renting smaller offices, and also having a smaller footprint on the environment by traveling much less. The only problem now for a digital company is the lack of live events, because direct sales happen during them, and for companies that fill themselves up with clients from direct sales, it was a hard time. I’m also urging businesses to implement sales funnels that can bring prospects online in an automated and calculable way.

Botsify: I’ve seen that AI is taking over the world and so many inventions are coming out. What will be the next thing in artificial intelligence between now and 2025? 

Csenger: I’m hoping that NLP will improve a lot, we’ll have NLP engines for much more languages and they will be available for smaller businesses and will be easier to implement into their channels.

Botsify: I Hope this pandemic will surely get rid of. Tell me what is your next travel destination after this pandemic. And why do you want to go there?

Csenger: I’m sure I’ll visit Spain again, I just love that country, it refills and inspires me a lot. And probably California or Singapore again to learn new things and make some new good relationships.

Botsify: Most business men confront some sort of hurdles, maybe with clients or with employees. Have you ever turned down a client?

Csenger: Yes, there was an example of that. However, I always try to filter out customers that are a good fit for us and make sure we can really help them in their situation with a chatbot solution. Sometimes they just have an initial idea, but we help them evolve it to have something better that makes sense also from the business aspect. We understand that it is still a new technology, and our clients may not have a clear vision about what they want in order to achieve their goal. We provide proactive help and brainstorming about the vision and final solution. We won’t let go the hand of our client until they don’t have a successful onboarding with their new chatbot.

Botsify: “Success begins when your words become Quotes”. Quote your favorite thoughts that give inspiration for a successful business insider.

Csenger: I have 2 quotes that I think are important for me. One of them is something like

“No wind favors a ship that does not know its destination port”.

For me it means that you always have to see the big picture and have well-defined goals. Many failures will lead you to your final success which should not divert your attention from your goal.

Second one is a more new school one, and it’s just the 10X rule of Grant Cardone. It says

“If you have a vision, multiply it by 10, and then start working on the multiplied vision”.

This way you’ll have to deal with a different level of problems, and it makes you able to see your goal from a completely different aspect. Even if you won’t reach 10X of your original vision, it will bring you much fairer than just having your original vision and start dealing with problems on that level.” It just enables you to think big.

Botsify: Finally, throughout all our talks, If you want to add new features in chatbot, what would be it? And why? 

Csenger: Voice recognition could be a more native thing in bots, and communicating via voice should be a bigger standard. However for this we have to have what I am waiting for, a more advanced and more available NLP technology. Nowadays very few companies can build good voice-bots for themselves, but in a lot of cases it’s much easier and convenient for the user to talk instead of typing.

We are thankful for giving us your valuable time and talking with Botsify. It’s been a truly insightful experience for our readers! 




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