Easy To Use, Drag-and-Drop Chatbot Builder

The most awaited and demanding feature — Visual builder has launched! 

On a huge demand of our customers the whole team of developers worked day and night to make this happen. Thus Botsify came up with a no-code chatbot builder that can control your frontend module, help you in building the smooth chatbot with an easy-to-use drag & drop visual builder. 

Also, by using the powerful features of the visual chatbot builder create multiple flows at a time, personalize conversations, validate customer information, and control your frontend module with ease

Check out what awaits you!

Drag and Drop:

Easy visualization of the process, compatible with reallocation of media, and simply accessible with the drag&drop visual development to lead the control of your chatbot building process

Pan Zooming:

Inside the pan, get a flexibility of zooming in and out the blocks for better, closer, or farer view of the story flow

Zoomed in view

Zoomed out view


Our intuitive chatbot builder provides a tree view which help the users to map the story flow more efficiently & effectively

Revision History:

Our easy-to-use interface gives users an advantage to view the previous work and can revert the current work to the previous. This revision is applicable up to 10 times.


Our user-friendly dashboard gives users an advantage of switching from legacy builder to visual builder with a single click. 

And a lot more than these awaits you…

Seek help from our expert!

Let us help you in building your bot at a faster rate.

Check out how you can start using the chatbot builder.

How To Start Using Visual Builder?

In the minimalist steps, start using the easiest chatflow builder;

Step #01: Go To Story

From the left toolbar, go to Chatbot AI then click on “story”

Step #02: Create A Story

From the manage bot stories, tap “Create a story”

Step #03: Go To Visual Builder

From the top button, switch to visual builder from legacy builder


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