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6 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Bot Platform

Chatbots are the new front line for customer service, lowering the need for human agents while also helping businesses save money with the right bot platform. Many organizations are turning to ai chatbot platform these days. In 2020, Facebook Messenger had 40 million businesses and 300,000 active chatbots. 

The bot platform is a useful solution that allows businesses to automate numerous touchpoint engagements with their customers, such as ticketing, ordering, sharing updates and news, and so on. It’s difficult to assess a new technology when you know that some of the hoopla surrounding it is just that: hype. Tech companies make a lot of big claims about what will happen if you use their technology, but you already know it’s not that simple, nothing is certain, and they don’t emphasize the drawbacks. Chatbots are no exception.

3 Major Problems Faced By The Bot Platform:

True, there have been some significant improvements in chatbot-related AI in recent years; nevertheless, these achievements must be understood in order to have a true picture of what to expect from chatbots. Here are the 3 major problems faced by the best chatbot platform too.

#1 Bots Can’t Relate To Humans:

Bots’ ability to comprehend basic language and specific contexts is a major concern. In fact, it will be a crucial distinguishing factor between the good, the terrible, and the completely useless. Bots that swiftly identify and handle customer service concerns, for example, will be significantly more beneficial than those that ask qualifying questions repeatedly.

Bots are programmed to follow a set course and, for the most part, they don’t allow for deviations from the script. Unfortunately for the user, this means that many bots will be unable to grasp even the most basic commands or responses if they are not given in the correct order. As a result, the experience becomes monotonous and unfulfilling.

What To Do?

Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning are essential for success in this area. Bots must be created with the ability to learn from the conversations they have with people if they are to improve. The bot’s ability to answer questions and drive a discussion with a consumer may be limited at first, but it will learn and improve over time.

NLP and machine learning technology are still in their infancy. It will take some time before the experiences are as rich and intuitive as we want them to be. Machine learning is not required for all bots, and it’s not required for all bots. However, organizations must begin experimenting with and investing in technology today in order to avoid being left behind as technology evolves.

Keep building and extending your bot over time, no matter how simple it is at first. Use the client data you collect through bot-driven chats to gradually improve the experience.

#2 Finding Bots Is Still A Problem:

The majority of individuals who use messaging apps like Facebook Messenger are still unaware that chatbots exist. The availability of chatbots on numerous messaging systems is currently limited. It’s tough for bot creators to get in front of large audiences on messaging platforms without a lot of promotion, which can be frustrating for developers.

What To Do?

When creating a bot for a company, it’s important to have a good understanding of your customers/users as well as the current technology. Use new knowledge to create chatbots that meet the needs of customers. Don’t drag users through a long dialogue without a logical conclusion. Users are more likely to engage with your bot if you add more functionality to the user experience, and you have run a great marketing campaign that most possibly is able to give your brand a good audience and reach.

#3 Bad Designing And Development Issues:

A chatbot that is badly developed causes users to utilize it in ways that were not intended. This is obviously infuriating and has a variety of unpleasant consequences.

Chatbots should be developed conservatively, with the scope clearly defined, and the interaction escalated to a human too frequently rather than not often enough (or an equivalent strategy needs to be used for the use case in question). It goes without saying that the bot’s developers must be knowledgeable and conversant with best practices in this domain.

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Why You Must Have A Chatbot Platform?

A chatbot platform is a tool that allows marketers to build and operate chatbots for different messengers, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram.

Universal Tool For Chatbot Creation:

The best chatbot platform has all of the features you need to create chatbots for various messengers in one place. This means you won’t have to experiment with multiple chatbot builders to create a Facebook, Telegram, or WhatsApp chatbot. Furthermore, an all-in-one chatbot platform provides a single customer support team that can assist you in setting up and running your chatbots across all messengers.

Best Messengers For Your Business:

You may evaluate the efficiency of chatbots for various messengers using a chatbot platform, and discover which media — such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram — is the most effective for your audience. After then, especially if your company is on a tight budget, you can concentrate all of your efforts in one spot.

Offers Multichannel Marketing:

A chatbot platform assists customers in implementing a successful multichannel marketing strategy that saves time and money while also enhancing relationships with their target audiences. You may generate fresh leads for your company by actively utilizing chatbots. Having another marketing channel also helps you to shift your existing audience between channels, adding value and giving a more tailored experience.

Track Chatbot Marketing Efficiency:

With a variety of statistics, you can simply track the effectiveness of any chatbot you have. The amount of sent and opened messages, as well as redirects to your website, are the most important metrics for determining a chatbot’s effectiveness. A click map is used by some services to display these metrics, which can be done by the ai chatbot platform.

6 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Bot Platform:

It’s critical to pick a bot platform that meets your company’s requirements. Your decision is based on your objectives, the chatbot’s capabilities, and the cost. Here’s a list of things to consider while selecting a chatbot platform:

#1 Multilanguage Automated Support:

It should allow you to design chatbots that can communicate in a variety of languages. It should, ideally, automatically translate questions from one language to another, allowing the support team to address the concerns of people all around the world.

#2 Best UX:

The process of creating chatbots should be simple and intuitive. Without coding expertise, any organization, whether a tiny family business or a major corporation, should be able to develop chatbots.

#3 Automation:

A decent chatbot is a multipurpose system that can perform tasks other than auto-replies. It should provide answers to frequently asked questions, direct visitors toward placing orders or booking tickets for an event, direct them to certain sites or a manager, and so on.

#4 Multiple Communication Channels:

A bot platform that allows you to construct chatbots for numerous messengers and social media pages is ideal. If it does, you will be able to quickly expand your market share and outperform your competitors.

#5 Personalization:

Marketers should leverage all of the data they acquire about their customers to create a highly personalized chatbot experience. Chatbots that are highly personalized incorporate users’ names in messages and develop custom flows based on their location in the lead funnel.

#6 Free Trial Opportunity:

A free trial is required to become familiar with the features of a chatbot platform. Before upgrading to a subscription plan, it’s wise to construct some test chatbots.

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To Summarize:

Bot platform is a cost-effective and simple solution for businesses to grow mobile chatting with their customers. However, without a comprehensive awareness of the present issues, you risk creating a frustrating and ineffective experience. With the knowledge you have gained so far, you can bring your company into the messaging era and create a conversational bot that gets results.


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