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Instant Support

Your customers demand faster support

Customers don't like waiting, they need help. They need it right now. Keeping people waiting for more than two hours to get the initial help means there is 90% chance you are going to lose this customer. Which simply means.
Churn goes up ⬆️

Customer retention stops your revenue goals?

How many times have you thought that A little bit of less churn and you would have met your revenue goals? A Chatbot is the future technology to serve your customers on all platforms to increase customer retention and satisfaction.


Got a long queue of customers waiting?

In order to help a customer effectively, your support agent can speak to at most 2 users at a time.
Good business days are supposed to be good. But they build up your customer waiting queues and support tickets.
Chatbot can be around 24/7 to all 1,000 customers at once. Never let your customer queue build up again.

Language is a barrier?

You are afraid of growing internationally and answering users who speak other languages? You have to hire 10 different customer support agents for 10 different languages?

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Spending Money

You are spending thousands of dollars in customer support?

You have a huge customer support team than your core team? Or you have outsourced it to an agency which don’t even understand your business? You are suffering day by day, and your business expenses are increasing day by day.

Get the best price to generate business leads

Are you looking for new ways to generate leads, turn website visitors into customers without annoying them.
Build a personal connection and upsell by retargeting them on social media. There are tons of other avenues to increase your business revenue if your chatbot is on facebook.

Generate Leads


As a Matter Of Fact, People Spend More Time On Messaging Apps Than On Social Media

Over 1 Billion users use messaging apps, your business needs a new dimension.

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